Your Dream Closet: 4 Over-the-Top Things You Need

We’ve all done it: we come across an item of clothing we didn’t remember, stuffed between a winter jacket and a bathing suit cover-up, and we long for a room-sized closet. Every time we see the department store-sized vault of Birkin bags and Loubitons that belong to the celebrity of the day, we feel green with envy. Let’s admit it; we all have a dream closet full of fabulous clothes, shoes and accessories. Here is what you need to make it complete:

Your Dream Closet 4 Over-the-Top Things You Need

Rotating Clothing Rack

If we are dreaming, let’s dream big. Envision an automatic clothes rack like the dry cleaning conveyor that serves up your cleaning. Need an evening gown for tonight’s party? Put in F for formals and listen to the whisper of fine fabric as it whisks your gown collection to you from a few yards away.


Waiting for those gowns can be thirsty work. A little mini-fridge would definitely be out of place in your luxurious dressing room. Why not put in a tasteful wet bar with a wine cooler, Reidel champagne flutes and several bottles of fine French bubbly?

Massage Chair

Getting ready for a party can be stressful. What is better for relaxing tight muscles than a massage? Plan a few extra minutes in your routine to enjoy your own massage chair. Lower the chandelier lights and let the sweet vibrations melt the stress away, so you are ready to dance all night…or at least until the babysitter has to go home.


Who can relax when sounds of kids arguing and dogs barking are invading your quiet interlude? When locking the door just isn’t enough to keep the outside out, add soundproofing to your closet escape. Enjoy the calm haven you need and deserve for the few minutes before they track you down on your cellphone.

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