Factors to Consider When Moving Locations

When you outgrow your current location and need to move, there are many factors to consider when finding your new base of business. While you are hunting for your new space to fit your needs, it may benefit you to consider some of the additional aspects of moving.

Factors to Consider When Moving Locations


It is important to make sure that your new location is zoned for your type of business. There will be permits and restrictions for what you are allowed to do in each part of the city, and sometimes those differences can be across the street. Clarifying that you are legally allowed to operate in a new district, or petitioning for a re-zoning will allow you to make the changes.

Moving Inventory

Whether you are moving equipment Los Angeles or moving boxes of stock, you will need to ensure that you are tracking every item and not losing inventory along the way. For heavy loads, it is also important to confirm that you are following regulations for which city roads you are passing through, as often permits are required and heavy fines inflicted for those who fail to get them.

Moving Staff

You may find that even a mile away from your original location is too far for some of your original employees. Be prepared to lose staff and need to hire additional labor for the moving process. Consider advertising in advance for new employees so that you do not experience a labor shortage during your transition.

It can be a great pleasure to realize that your business has grown too big for its current space, and also a frightening proposition as you realize you need to move. Be prepared to look for a place that is zoned for your type of business, file all the proper permits, and make sure that you are adequately staffed.

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