Signs of a Hydraulic Pump Problem

Hydraulic pumps are the main source of power for all kinds of hydraulic systems. Without the pump, your hydraulic machine is unable to work. Maintenance is critical for ensuring that your system is functioning properly and that there are no serious problems. Here are three signs there’s an issue with your hydraulic pump that requires attention right away.

Signs of a Hydraulic Pump Problem

Temperature Fluids are Too High

High fluid temperatures (temperatures above 180° F) cause a couple of issues. First, the fluid degrades faster. Secondly, if the fluid too hot can ruin your hydraulic seals, leading to the need for them to be replaced.

High temperatures are often caused by an accumulation of dirt and debris in filters. Temperatures may also increase as a result of the system’s inability to properly get rid of heat. Keep filters, and components, clean and maintain proper fluid levels to help avoid these issues.

Your Machinery is Sluggish

In a hydraulic system, flow determines speed and response. If you notice that your system is suddenly moving more slowly than normal, its performance is suffering or that it’s taking longer to cycle, it could point toward an issue with your hydraulic pump.

Poor performance is often the result of internal or external leaks. Some leaks (like a burst hose) are obvious. Some are not. If you suspect a leak, you can test the pressure with a hydraulic flow tester.

You Hear Unusual Noise

Machines make noise. Any unusual noises, such as loud banging or rattling, can indicate a problem. One common cause is aeration, or when air gets in the system. You may also hear unusual sounds if a component isn’t getting enough fluid. This can result in corrosion. Should corrosion occur, the fluid can become contaminated, which can then destroy the different parts of the system.

An issue with your hydraulic pump should not be ignored. The sooner the issue is addressed, the more likely you are to fix the problem before more serious problems arise.

Signs of a Hydraulic Pump Problem
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