Keeping Winter Out of Your Building

Winter weather has hit and the snow is getting deep. You need to protect your home or business from being damaged by the ice and freezing temperatures. Here are some tips to keeping your place safe.

Keeping Winter Out of Your Building

Watch the Roof

Snow and ice on top of your building can cause trouble if it cracks through and starts to leak. Put roof snow removal plans in place to clear off the worst of it after a hard snowfall. You will want to replace broken shingles when it is warm to keep from having water runoff get inside. Clear out downspouts and ventilation so that ice can flow through freely instead of creating an ice jam.

Going With the Flow

Bitter temperatures can do damage to your pipes and cause them to burst resulting in a large cost to repair. If the majority of your piping is indoors, keep the temperature where they are warm enough that they are unable to freeze. If the equipment is outside, you will want to wrap heat tape around them and secure it so that they stay intact. You can also leave a faucet with a steady trickle to keep the water flowing through it which will also prevent any damage being done.

Keeping Your Floors Clean

To keep your interior looking clean, you will want to invest in matting to lay on the floors near the doors. Customers can scuff off the snow and grime on their shoes onto these instead of tracking them through your home or business. Clear any drains inside the building and out so that ice is unable to build up on the debris and prevent drainage when the snow melts. If this does start to happen, break up the barrier the best you can. Keeping sidewalks and driveways shoveled will keep dirty snow from being tracked in also.

Keeping Winter Out of Your Building
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