Plan your outdoor escape with this Inspiring 2-Day Itinerary

The tree is up and trimmed, the yard decked out with lights and Christmas cookies are baked, much to everyone’s delight!

Your shopping is all done – well most of it anyway – and you’re feeling “holidayed out” before the actual celebrating truly begins. Why not treat yourself to a break from your busy holiday pace?

Whether solo, with your special someone or best buddy, set aside some downtime to rev up. That way, when it’s time for seasonal sparkle, you’ll be ready to shine.
Day 1:

Plan a brief escape from home-base hectic and check into an Adventure Coast hotel for a little pampering. Drop off the shopping bags and go for a leisurely walk on one of many Adventure Coast trails. From paved or wooded walking trails to primitive off-road hikes, the fresh air, sights and quiet will refresh and revive your senses.

Enjoy outdoor energizing effects by traveling our trails by bike. Pedal mile after mile of relatively level, scenic paved trails that are completely free of motorized vehicles.

Didn’t bring your own bike? Rent from Crankworks Bicycles. And, if escaping holiday hustle happens to mean riding forest trails, check with Crankworks to join an upcoming shop ride through the Croom Tract of the Withlacoochee State Forest.

Later, stroll the cobblestone streets of historic Brooksville. Stop in for a custom, house-roasted blend at Mountaineer Coffee. Browse shops along Main Street for unique gifts. Next, stroll over to the Uptown Art Gallery at City Hall for a look around.

Take a step back to a bygone era at the May-Stringer House Museum, Countryman One-Room Schoolhouse and the 1885 Train Museum. Browse the nearby Tilted Teacup Tea Room and Boutique.

Notice several murals along the way that also give a nod to earlier times.

After a day of outdoor sunshine, soak up some well-deserved bliss at The White Daisy Salon and Spa, the Candlelight Spa or Capricci Gifts and Healing Waters. Lose yourself and all feelings of hustle and bustle with a massage, facial, hair styling, aromatherapy experience and more. Just the prescription to refresh, rejuvenate and renew.

Day 2:

With the weather outside anything but frightful, answer the call for more outdoor adventures. The natural forested acres of Chinsegut Conservation Center present you with many options.

Start early for the best bird watching and wildlife viewing. Walk the trails any day or check the calendar for such interactive events as creative nature photography.

Travel just a couple miles down the road to enjoy a view from the jewel of Florida’s Adventure Coast: Chinsegut Hill Manor House Museum. Poised atop one of central Florida’s highest points, this exquisitely restored mansion is open daily for tours. A walk around the grounds among ancient Spanish moss-draped oaks or overlooking the valley is picture perfect and soul soothing.

Did you bring your clubs? Florida’s Adventure Coast boasts world class golf courses, challenging for all skill levels. Novice to experienced, a round on shaded fairways and manicured greens are certain de-stressors. Check out our itinerary inspiration just for golfers here and download our Golf Course Map.

Is golf too tame? Do you have energy to burn? Climb, swing and zip through the trees at TreeUmph! Adventure Course.

The holidays are a wonderful, very busy, time of the year. Be energized and ready with a healthy dose of outdoor adventure; it’s just the ticket to polish up your brightest Christmas sparkle.
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Vehicle Burglary – 10/31/2017

Case Number: 2017-29144
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Alert Date: 10/31/2017
Business Name: Spring Hill Lanes
Location: Spring Hill
District: 2 Zone: 1
LEO Contact(s): Detective G. Garman
Short Description
Vehicle Burglary
Detailed Description
The subject pictured below is the suspect in a Vehicle Burglary that occurred at Spring Hill Lanes, 3447 Commercial Way, Spring Hill on Wednesday, 09/27/2017 at approximately 8:00 p.m.

Vehicle Burglary - 10312017

Economic Crimes-Vice and Narcotics Search Warrants- 1117 Finland Drive

On 10-16-17, detectives with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Economic Crimes Unit, along with a Special Agent from the United States Secret Service, executed a search warrant at 1117 Finland Drive in Spring Hill.

As a result of the search warrant, detectives seized multiple items of contraband including counterfeit credit cards, card making equipment, gas pump skimmers and manufacturing equipment, and various items of merchandise which had been fraudulently purchased from several retailers.

Numerous receipts and documents were also recovered, relating to an ongoing fraudulent (merchandise) return/refund operation that the suspects were involved in.

The suspects are identified as Jeansy Cuevas-Padron H/M DOB/02-10-1984 and Marileisys Rodriguez Serra H/F DOB/01-25-1986. The suspects have been charged as follows:

• Jeansy Cuevas-Padron H/M DOB/02-10-1984
o Possession of Skimming Device
o Possession of Credit Card Making Device (3 counts)
o Person in Possession of Place/Structure/Conveyance for the Trafficking/Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance
o Cultivation of Marijuana
o Possession of Marijuana
o Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

• Marileisys Rodriguez Serra H/F DOB/01-25-1986
o Possession of Skimming Device
o Possession of Credit Card Making Device (3 counts)
o Person in Possession of Place/Structure/Conveyance for the Trafficking/Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance
o Cultivation of Marijuana
o Possession of Marijuana
o Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Additional charges are forthcoming.

The investigation began on 10-15-17 when patrol deputies responded to the address to serve arrest warrants on the suspects for Organized Fraud. During the initial contact, it was quickly determined that the residence was being used as a marijuana grow operation. Vice and Narcotics detectives were called to the scene and executed a narcotics search warrant, resulting in the recovery of marijuana plants.

During the execution of the narcotics search warrant, detectives located numerous items commonly used in counterfeiting.

Economics Crimes detectives were called to the scene and confirmed that the items (described above) were of no legitimate or legal purpose in the residence and were most likely being used to manufacture counterfeit credit cards.

While patrol deputies maintained security at the residence, Economic Crimes detectives authored another search warrant based on the multitude of fraud-related Florida Statutes. Said search warrant was executed on the residence on 10-16-17.

As a result of the search warrant, detectives also seized two Mercedes Benz vehicles from the property.


Changing lanes on multi-lane roadways should never be done without thinking and looking. Careless lane changing is extremely dangerous. Roadway markings and signage tell us when we can change lanes, but alertness, and courtesy are both essential to safety.

Remember, every vehicle has blind spots. These areas are out of view from your mirrors. For safe lane changing, use your
mirrors and glance over your shoulder to check your blind spots. Just as your vehicle has blind spots, the other cars on the roadway also have blind spots. Try to stay visible to other vehicles.

Always use your turn signals before changing lanes. As much as people think that turn signals are optional equipment nowadays, they’re not.

From the driver’s seat, locate the steering wheel. On the left side of the steering wheel is a stalk protruding from the column. This lever is known as the turn signal switch. Please use it. Many motorists are expecting other drivers to signal their next move. Guessing is tough.

Hopefully, you were aware of this information previously. Changing lanes causes crashes on a daily basis. Besides signaling, use common sense and awareness to make your driving experience safer for you and your occupants.

Drive careful.

Business Strategies That Can Keep Your Organization On The Road To Excellence

While many companies dwell in the realm of average, it’s important to know that you can implement strategies that will make your organization excellent. Doing so is important because business excellence can lead to a wide range of wonderful outcomes, some of which might include enhanced conversion rates, more industry authority, and the development of brand ambassadors. Below you’ll find several strategies that you can implement to put your company on track to excellence:

1. Hire The Right Online Advertising Experts.

One of the best business strategies to implement if you’re serious about making your company excellent is finding the right online advertising experts to direct your ecommerce campaign. This step will ensure that you can optimize your internet sales while also expanding your sphere of reach beyond the local level. Note that an effectively executed ecommerce campaign can take a company’s level of reach from the local to the global level. This process can happen through processes like a tweet going “viral” such that millions of people become cognizant of a business owner’s brand within a matter of hours. To ensure that you find the right online advertising team to represent your company, do internet research to determine things like how long they’ve been in operation and what types of results they’ve generated.

2. Become A Healthier Business Owner.

Another strategy you can implement to push your business out of average and into excellence is getting healthy. This technique will help you look good and feel great, thereby optimizing your level of confidence when interfacing with clients, employees, prospective business owners, etc. Being healthy will also help you maintain the mental stamina and physical energy necessary to get more done in less time. Some health strategies you might consider implementing include the development of a yoga practice and the implementation of a breath-based meditation modality such as Vipassana.

3. Update Your Software.

One final business strategy that can keep your company moving forward is updating your software. Taking this step will help you ensure that company-related tasks can be completed with excellence and expedience. If you’re in the need of contract software, note that a company such as CobbleStone Systems Corp can provide you with the goods that you need. Another form of software you should definitely update is customer relationship management (CRM) software. Because CRM products play an integral role in key conversion optimization processes such as sales automation, you want to ensure that you are using the latest and greatest products on the block.


Three techniques that you can use to take your business from average to excellent are outlined above. Start using these techniques immediately so your organization can grow in a marvelous way!