Ways to Rethink Your Kids’ Toys

It’s a universal truth that well-loved children are overrun with too many toys. This can be a frustrating storage problem, especially if you have heavy or oddly-shaped pieces that you’re working with. Eliminate the stress of storing your kids’ toys by making a few small tweaks in where and how you store them.

Ways to Rethink Your Kids Toys

On the Go

It seems like the toys that the kids love most are the ones that take up the most space: Building sets, dollhouses, trains and cars, etc. One effective way to clean up a bulky toy or one with a lot of pieces? Attach heavy duty casters to plywood or a small table and create a rolling platform. This is especially helpful because all pieces can be contained to one surface, and cleanup is as easy as rolling it out of the way or into a closet.

Rotating System

When you notice that your little ones are paying less attention to certain toys than they used to, it might be worth putting those away for a few months. Have a special bin ready for these and cycle them out every so often. The kids will be so excited about them it’ll be like they’re brand new again! Repeat the cycle when you notice the novelty starting to wear off of their toys.

Santa’s Little Helpers

Kids are often reluctant to part with their toys, even if they stopped playing with them a long time ago. Make it more special by making it a Christmas tradition: They go through their stuffed animals, toys and games and decide what can be donated to kids who don’t have toys at Christmas. Have a special bag under the tree all ready for them to give to Santa when he comes on Christmas morning.

Limit Their Capacity

The more places you let them store their toys, the more toys that will ultimately collect in your house. Make the executive decision: If all your kids’ stuff doesn’t fit into a specified container or containers, they need to start going through their toys and get rid of things. Start this rule as young as possible so that when they’re a little older they know better than to kick up a fuss!

Though playing and nurturing creativity are essential in the formative years, it can be an endless battle between your home and your kids’ toys. Take control of what you will and will not allow and train your kids to donate and cycle out their toys from an early age. Learning to part with clutter is a virtue.

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