Tips to Help with Balance Problems

If you are having balance issues related to vertigo, it can be incredibly difficult to accomplish tasks in your daily life. Here are some tips to function as best as possible while living with vertigo.

Tips to Help with Balance Problems

Stretch Daily

There are specific stretches that are designed to treat the most common types of vertigo. Often referred to as Brandt-Daroff exercises, these stretches help to redistribute crystals that exist in your inner ear, affecting your balance. Once you finish your stretches, you may experience temporary dizziness. It is important to stay seated until your dizziness and other symptoms have disappeared. Doing these stretches once a day can lead to a huge reduction in your complications with vertigo.

Visit a Chiropractor

You may be wondering, can a chiropractor help with vertigo? Chiropractors can adjust your spine and neck muscles to help combat the disruptions in balance caused by vertigo. It can also help to eliminate headaches and nausea associated with vertigo as well. Visiting a chiropractor regularly has been shown to have long term improvement in helping ease the pain and other symptoms of this complex condition. Talk to your chiropractor to determine how many sessions you will need to relieve your symptoms.

Change Your Diet

Perhaps to your surprise, there are many types of foods that can help to improve your balance when incorporated into your regular diet. For instance, many studies have showed that resveratrol has an amazing impact on your balance and neural health overall. Foods that contain lots of resveratrol include peanuts, as well as many varieties of berries, such as cranberries and blueberries, as well as grapes. This is the easiest way to help strengthen your balance.

You do not have to suffer from vertigo. With these solutions, you are guaranteed to find relief from even the most troubling of symptoms.

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