Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams

You may have dreamed of the intricate details of your wedding since childhood, your head filled with visions of chiffon flounces, candlelight and tiers of luscious cake. There is no need to cast aside those dreams, but you may need to give some attention to some of the less glamorous details as well. Following are some guidelines to help you focus.

Plan the Wedding of Your Dreams

The Venue

Whether you have decided on a chapel, garden or beachside wedding or something in between, it is important to make your reservation early and check on it again two or three times to avoid scheduling conflicts. Make sure they understand how many guests you plan to invite so they can check fire codes, seating availability and parking spaces or valets. Check whether they allow food or lit candles on site to avoid problems later on.

Décor Rentals

Tables, chairs and canopies are a necessary part of the staging rentals Oahu brides count on for unforgettable weddings. Choose table covers and napkins to fit the theme and enhance the colors. If you want artificial flowers for some of the décor, they may be able to supply those. Be sure to ask whether they can arrange fresh flowers ask for a local recommendation.


Check with your venue to see whether they cater food on site or whether you will need to have it brought in. If the venue can provide it, you may wish to taste a sample. Likewise, choose someone to make your cake well ahead and attend a cake tasting to make sure you can both agree on flavors.

You may also want to check on your photographer and ask to see some of their work, particularly if they have shot at your venue before. It can give you a good idea how the things you have chosen and may yet choose might look in the photos. Paying attention to some of the basics early can leave you free to concentrate on your dress and other personal details.

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