Benefits of Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel

Hot-dip galvanizing is used to help fight against steel corrosion. This is a process that has been used for over 100 years; however, the actual specifications and the use of galvanized steel are evolving constantly with new markets emerging. While corrosion resistance is already considered inherent any time that hot-dip galvanizing is used, there is an array of other benefits offered by this process. Keep reading to learn more about what these benefits are.

Benefits of Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel


Another benefit offered by hot-dip galvanizing, which is done with the use of galvanizing tanks, provides superior durability, especially in extremely harsh conditions. Part of this is thanks to the coating’s abrasion resistance, complete coverage, and uniform protection. The layers which are created in the galvanizing tank are bonded to and also harder than the base steel they are applied to, and the top layer, which is made of pure zinc is more ductile, which allows it to better absorb impact. These layers together provide an unparalleled level of abrasion resistance.


Another benefit offered by hot-dip galvanized steel is that it lasts a long time, without needing maintenance. The actual level of corrosion resistance will vary based on the surrounding environment, but it will typically corrode at the rate of 1/30 of untreated steel that is exposed to the same environment. One of the most common things that this steel is exposed to is the atmosphere. According to statistics, hot-dipped galvanized steel offers over seven decades of maintenance-free protection, even in corrosive conditions.

As anyone can see, the process of galvanizing steel is something that provides an array of benefits, regardless of how the steel is being used. Being informed is the best way to ensure that you make the right selection for the steel that is being used for any project or environment.

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