How to Handle an Arrest

If you find yourself arrested over an alleged crime, it is important to know how to handle the situation. The type of crime you might be accused of could be serious, or it could be very minor. However, it is common in most cases to deal with jail time while waiting for a court date. Here is what you can do if you are in this type of situation and unsure of the next steps.

How to Handle an Arrest

Know What Crime You Are Accused Of

Understand what type of crime you are accused of before anything else. When you are arrested, police are obligated to tell you what you are being charged with. You will want to tell your attorney and family what is going on, so they understand the type of problem you are dealing with. The more serious your crime is, the higher your bond will be.

Get Bonded Out

Getting bonded out of jail is the option most people prefer since it means they do not have to wait in their jail cell until a court date. Some individuals get family members to help them get out by posting bond, which can be in the form of cash, or even through other means, such as using a home as collateral. Another option is to use a bail bond institution, such as bail bond company allentown pa. These companies make it possible to pay a percentage of the bond. You’ll need to show up to court, or else they can use a bounty hunter to track you down to collect their money.

Seek Assistance From a Lawyer

Once you get out, talking with a lawyer is another step you should take. It is not advisable to represent yourself in court if you are being accused of a crime. If you cannot afford an attorney, you will be appointed a public defender.

If you are arrested, it is important to take the situation seriously, even if you are not charged with a serious crime. Seeking help from a lawyer and knowing the crime you are accused of are both important. You can get out of jail on a bail bond, allowing you to remain free until you are deemed guilty or not guilty.

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