Purchase the Proper Pistol for Your Protection

Let’s face it. America isn’t as safe as it once was. If you’re thinking of buying a pistol for self-defense, not just any weapon will do. With so many options, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a gun to suit your needs.

Purchase the Proper Pistol for Your Protection

Select Your Action

While practically all pistols are built using the same basic framework, they can operate differently. Semiautomatic pistols are the most popular type of guns for defense. They’re generally larger than single-shot pistols, but this is due to their magazines which hold multiple cartridges. When a bullet is fired, the force of the recoil works to load the next round into the chamber, making it ready to fire again almost instantly.

Semiautomatics are progressively being made more compact. The glock 9mm, for example, is a cultural icon. With a lightweight design, small size and ease of use, it’s among the most favored weapons for concealed carry purposes.

Pick Something Easy

If you’re not a handgun expert, you’ll need a weapon which will let you achieve expertise. You should try shooting a few different models to get a feel for precisely what you want. You’ll need something that has a good balance in your hand. A well-balanced weapon determines its accuracy overall. Some guns have a lot of kick when fired, and you’ll need to judge how much recoil you can handle.

The reliability of the weapon itself is also a factor. Certain firearms are inherently prone to misfires. As a further safeguard, get a gun which can be quickly disassembled and cleaned. In a critical situation, seconds count.

Consider Customization

Once you find the perfect firearm, you still may want to make modifications for your own optimal use. Some makes aren’t very flexible in this respect, and require work by a gunsmith. Others allow for tons of upgrades. Research all available accessories for each weapon you examine, and don’t be shy with questions.

Self-defense is a serious matter. Start planning your protection by getting a good gun you can learn to use efficiently.

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