5 Ways to Spice Up Your RV Interior

If you live in your recreational vehicle (RV) or love to take long trips across the country, you may want to brighten your interiors. There are multiple exciting and creative ways to brighten your RV without burning a hole in your pocket.

Spicing up the RV interior is not necessarily an expensive task. Here are some ideas that can improve the look of your RV.

5 Ways to Spice Up Your RV Interior

Change the Lighting

The perfect lighting can add a touch of elegance to your otherwise drab interior. Replace the traditional halogen lights that stress your eyes and the fluorescent light bars that leave a bluish tint with LED lights.

LED lights are efficient and durable too. Add a decorative table lamp on a side table. Or place a slightly bigger lamp in the corner to lighten up the couch at one end of the RV. Moreover, you may experiment with uniquely shaped lampstands to enhance the ambience of your RV.

Choose a Theme 

If you want to upgrade your entire RV, choose a theme. Paint the exteriors in relevant colours and match the interiors to that theme. For instance, if you want a bright summer vibe in your RV, add a splash of vibrant colours to your curtains and bedspreads. Include colorful pillows on your RV couch and hang some wall décor to match the theme. You may also try adding different textures to the walls.

Consider Simple and Fun Décor Items

If you think your RV looks dull but do not want to spend too much on decorating it, consider some simple elements that can add more life to your interiors. For instance, add your photo frames to a side table. Adorn your walls with hangings that include funky words and hues. Buy affordable but color curtains and add a floor mat to enhance the vibe. Wall decals are inexpensive, and you can hang them without making any holes on the walls.

Replace Old Furniture

The couch and desk of your RV instantly capture the onlooker’s attention. Couch acts as a focal point within the RV. If your couch, sofa bed, or tables are worn-out, consider replacing them with more attractive options. However, investing in RV interior furniture is undoubtedly an expensive affair. But the change is vital to revamp the space in which you and your family intend to enjoy many hours of fun and frolic.

Use Smaller Spaces

If you have a smaller RV and do not have enough space to add grand décor elements, you can still use the small space to spice up the interior. Consider double-duty décor items like plants that hang from walls, basket-woven bins, etc. The idea is to use beautiful décor items that come with robust functionalities. You may also consider creating the illusion of space by choosing warm wooden accents for your interiors.

While focusing on your interiors, do not forget about the exterior parts of your RV. Awning lights, patio mats, and hanging lanterns are some simple ways to elevate the appearance of your RV.

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