4 Quiet, Crowd-Free Beaches in America

Sun-soaked sand, cool water, and the sound of crashing waves work together to make beaches the perfect spot for relaxation. They can be incredibly crowded and polluted, though, which can put a damper on relaxation. Thankfully, there are some little-known beaches that grant you a crowd-free vacation.4 Quiet, Crowd-Free Beaches in America

Bald Head Island, NC

Reachable only by a 20-minute ferry ride, this is one of several overlooked quiet beaches in North Carolina. The island boasts plenty of quiet beaches, forest reserves, and outdoor activities. Out of the island’s 12,000 acres, 10,000 are untouched beaches, forests, and marshland. If you want a break from the beach, however, there are also restaurants, shopping malls, and other activities to check out.

Cumberland Island

This island is also only accessible by ferry and is notable due to its protected and abundant wildlife. Rather than sharing the beach with dozens of other families, you might find yourself sharing it with wild horses! Deer and armadillos are also found on the island, making it a great place to experience nature.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

This beach is just 15 miles from the bustle of Virginia Beach, but it’s devoid of the constant crowds of its neighbor. There aren’t any resorts on this five-mile stretch of beach, so you can sit down and relax or search for seashells with just the natural sounds of the beach. It’s just close enough to abundant activities near Virginia Beach, however, that if you’d like a faster paced day, you can achieve that easily!

Garrapata State Park, California

Admittedly, this isn’t the best beach to go to if your heart is set on swimming; the surf is too rough to swim safely. However, the same rough surf creates sheltered bluffs and little coves, even a few caves. If you love hunting for shells or checking out the wildlife in tide pools, you’ll love exploring this beach!

If you love nature and want to avoid the bustle of tourist-flooded beaches, there are plenty of peaceful beaches cross America to choose from. These beaches allow you to do what you came to do: rest.

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