TABC Partners With Federal Law Enforcement

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission , or TABC, was established to enforce regulations involving alcohol. The TABC has a great deal of responsibility when it comes to overseeing the laws and regulations involving alcohol and the licensing division takes its job very seriously. There are several efforts currently underway to help ensure that tabc licensing and permits are administered and issued as properly as possible. With the right amount of oversight, TABC believes they can help keep Texas residents safe by preventing the sale of alcohol to minors and also intoxicated individuals. They can also help maintain Texas residents’ safety in other ways.

Partnering with Law Enforcement

TABC’s mission to keep Texas residents safe was demonstrated recently when the TABC canceled liquor permits for two separate night clubs that were presumed to have been involved with drink solicitation, narcotics and human trafficking. The TABC worked collaboratively with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office and federal task force partners for four months due to allegations of two separate night clubs being involved in illegal activity. The TABC and tabc licensing can play an important role in identifying illegal activity that might be happening within TABC-licensed businesses. The TABC has the legal right to monitor and regulate licenses, which can involve site visits that allow for a closer look into their establishments. The TABC can work with law enforcement agencies if they find any reason to believe illegal activity is happening. This is exactly what happened recently in southeast Texas.

TABC Cancels Liquor Licenses Due to Illegal Activity

In March 2019 the TABC cancelled the liquor licenses for two clubs. Both Club Casino and Zota’s Night Club are located in Austin, Texas and according to reviews on yelp both clubs are now closed. The case is still currently still under investigation so details are limited, but it appears that human trafficking had been happening for at least a few years. Federal officials have publicly expressed their gratitude for the TABC’s role in this case.

TABC Partners With Federal Law Enforcement
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