3 Tips for Keeping Factory Workers Cool in Hot Weather

Factory labor can become uncomfortable during the summer, especially in buildings where large bay doors must be kept open and refrigerated air costs might be wasted. Employees working in hot and humid conditions can be prone to heat-related illnesses that may be deadly if they are not treated correctly. However, there are a few tips factory employers can use to keep their workers comfortable.

3 Tips for Keeping Factory Workers Cool in Hot Weather

Offer Consistent Hydration Sources

Staying hydrated during hot weather, especially for factory workers, can prevent heat exhaustion. Employers might consider placing refrigerated water bottle stations in each area and allow employees to fill travel tumblers or thermoses throughout the day. Infused water may provide additional health benefits, such as increased hydration, and it contains natural antioxidants that are usually absent in tap or plain bottled water. Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries usually contain the greatest amount of antioxidants when used for infused water.

Use Cooling Towers 

Factory workers laboring in extremely hot climates, such as in Florida, may be more susceptible to heatstroke. A cooling tower can provide a variety of options using natural drafts and crossflows, which may be less costly than refrigerated air. With many types of cooling tower jacksonville fl to choose from, factory owners are likely to find one that suits the design and cooling needs of almost any building.

Adjust Summer Hours

Allowing employees to work in the early hours of the day when summer days are at their coolest can help prevent heat-related illness. Offering optional summer hours may motivate those employees who work in the hottest parts of the factory or have underlying medical problems that could make heatstroke or heat exhaustion more of a danger.

When summer days heat up, it can make factory work difficult for those who cannot work in areas that offer refrigerated air. Employers can protect their workers with a variety of hydration and cooling solutions that may help keep them safe and productive all summer long.

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