Ways to Help an Ailing Neighbor

Perhaps you’ve heard that a beloved neighbor is in need of assistance because she’s under the weather, just suffered a loss or is simply not feeling like her usual self. Whatever the reason, return the favor for all of the kind deeds she’s done in the past. Come to her aid with some assistance that can make her life easier and brighten her day.

Ways to Help an Ailing Neighbor

Lift Her Spirits

Offer your neighbor a sweet treat that will cheer her up if she’s feeling down. A get well cookie bouquet, an assortment of pastries or a selection of her favorite chocolates can provide a boost of energy, as well as a touch of happiness. Customize the offering with her favorite colors and a handwritten note that lets her know she can call you if she needs anything or wants to chat.

Offer Meal Assistance

Providing a home-cooked dinner can be a relief for someone who isn’t able to fend for herself. However, if you know that she loves to cook and would rather prepare meals on her own, consider buying her a week’s worth of groceries or a gift card to a meal kit delivery service that will provide the ingredients and recipes for several delectable dishes.

Volunteer Your Services

If you know your neighbor doesn’t have the time or energy to get out of the house, offer to complete her to-do list. Pick up dry cleaning, do laundry, take the dogs for a walk, finish the gardening or pick up the kids from school and babysit them for an afternoon, for example. Sometimes just a few hours of alone time can improve someone’s outlook.

Making an effort to do something nice for someone on your block who has helped you in the past can go a long way. Not only will the gesture make her feel better, but it will also strengthen your relationship and let her know that she can count on you for years to come.

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