Types of Pimps

When you think of a pimp, you probably have a certain picture in mind. Dreadlocks, fur coats and gold chains may come be the picture that appears for you. Certainly, money is probably at the top of the list. But there are different types of pimps and some are less stereotypical than others. Anti sex trafficking organizations would like you to know about the different types of pimps that exist.

Types of Pimps

Gorilla Pimps

A gorilla pimp is more of your stereotypical pimp. They may lavishly display their earnings in ostentatious items like clothing and accessories as well as the cars they drive. They may carry large amounts of cash on them. They also commonly use force as a means of control and have no problem physically enforcing their demands.

Romeo Pimps

Romeo pimps¬†take their time grooming and manipulating those in their control. They know that the girls and boys they pimp desire to be loved, don’t feel seen and they capitalize on these vulnerabilities. A girl or boy with a romance pimp will probably tell you they are in a romantic relationship. Physical violence may play a role at some point, but it’s the psychological manipulation that is effectively used against the victim that keeps them under control.

CEO Pimps

CEO pimps treat their endeavors as a business. They may or may not bring in elements of the other two types of pimps. CEO pimps run things in somewhat of an entrepreneurial way. They are all about profit, they may keep books and they may partner with or be involved in other types of illegal or legal activities for profit also. CEO pimps may look like anyone else on the surface.

Gorilla, Romeo and CEO are all different types of pimps. These categories are not mutually exclusive. A pimp may generally operate as one type of pimp but utilize aspects of another type. Anti sex trafficking efforts are aimed at reducing demand as well as focusing on the role of the pimp in addition to the victims that are involved.

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