Treatments for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

A shocking number of individuals across America suffer from one of the only diseases people have to be convinced they have: addiction. While many, if not most, people are able to enjoy alcohol recreationally in moderation, those who are pre-disposed to suffer from addiction are unable to regulate their intake with a discipline approach. If an addict does not come to terms and seek help in a clinical setting, controlled environment, or a sober house md, they may suffer irreparable harm. Here are the most common successful treatment options for addiction.

Treatments for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Outpatient Treatment

Some addicts can achieve sobriety through outpatient treatment. Though it almost always stems from an initial clinical exam, outpatient treatment largely consists of group therapy combined with individual counseling. In this case, meeting groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, though not necessarily conducted under the direction of medical personnel, may be considered part of the treatment plan. The underlying point of outpatient treatment is that it is voluntary and not confined in a hospital setting.

Inpatient Treatment (Rehab)

When people talk about checking in to rehab, they are generally talking about inpatient treatment. While a sober house md is technically inpatient treatment, the normal form is 28 days in and accredited medical facility with daily activities, exercises, medical exams, therapy, and counseling sessions.

Sober Living

Sober living is generally for people who have completed inpatient rehab but are not comfortable immediately returning to their normal free life for fear of the temptation of relapsing. For them, a sober house md is a transitional option. In sober living, the patient lives in a home with other people in recovery under the supervision of a specialist with strict rules and curfews.

Addiction is an awful and crippling condition. Left untreated, it is almost always a recipe for disaster. Fortunately, the medical community recognizes this and has created pathways to recovery.

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