Traffic Tip Tuesday

Sergeant Matt Lillibridge and the Traffic Deputies want to take a moment to provide the following information…..

According to the a AAA Foundation study, half of the drivers who were surveyed admitted to exceeding the posted speed limit by greater than 15% during the previous 30 days.


Speeding continues to be the number one traffic complaint received by the HCSO. Please, plan your trips ahead of time to avoid the “need” to speed, make sure that you know the speed limit in the area that you are driving and remember – Obey the Sign, or Pay the Fine. Speeding fines start at $129.00.

Traffic Tip Tuesday is a weekly post designed to educate our citizens and to increase traffic safety. Florida Statute has numerous traffic violations, and each week only one tip can be covered.

Hernando County deputies are very proactive in traffic enforcement. In 2014 Hernando County traffic fatalities were lower than 2013.

Members of the Traffic Unit conduct traffic enforcement each and every day throughout the county, unfortunately not every violation can be witnessed by a deputy. For this reason, traffic tips are posted to provide education in an attempt to make our roadways safer.

If you have a traffic complaint or would like to request Traffic Enforcement in a specific area, please contact our office at 352-754-6830. Thank you.

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