Some Home Selling Tips

Want to sell your home and get a good price for it too – then these tips will help you do just that – take a look at our great tips on doing so.

Some Home Selling Tips

Little things matter a lot

While the big picture matters, details are also important. The buyers usually look at a number of properties and weigh everything up which means that they will nitpick. So, get those maintenance jobs done that you have been avoiding such as changing that light bulb.

Each room needs to be defined

Ideally, buyers should be able to visualize themselves in each room and therefore, it is important that the purpose of each room is highlighted. For instance, get rid of the exercise equipment or work papers in your dining room.

Also, you need to de-personalize the space to ensure that the buyer is able to see the potential of the house and is able to visualize the place with own items. For instance, you should take down the posters in the bedrooms of your kids to depersonalize the space.

Give them space

Potential buyers should be able to wander around freely along with the agent. They should feel comfortable so that they can spend some time looking closely at each room in a free manner. Also, you should be prepared to answer any queries they may have. If you’re wondering who can buy my house now – then this will help.

Use the outdoor space

Outdoor spaces such as a garden can be a great selling point but these need to be groomed to attract the buyers. If your garden is an overgrown jungle, buyers will stay away from your home. An overgrown garden makes the space look smaller and forgotten about. An overgrown garden can also put off potential buyers if they have not budgeted for a gardener.

Choose a reliable buyer

Once you have received all the offers from various buyers, you need to make sure that you choose a reliable buyer. The list of safe buyers include first-time buyers, buyers with cash who do not require a mortgage and buyers who are already staying in a rented accommodation after selling their own home. However, you may not have the luxury to choose the buyer in case you do not receive enough offers.

They will always be other factors that you need to consider such as whether you already have a place to move into after selling the house and how soon you need the money.

Think about alternatives

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be able to sell your home in the current market even after employing all the above tips. However, if you are selling your house to get more space, you should take a look at the new government proposals with regards to relaxation of the current planning permissions.

If these proposals get the go-ahead the full planning permission will be needed only for homes where the extensions reach beyond 8 m from the rear wall for detached homes and 6 m for other types of homes. Currently this limit is set at three or 4 m from the rear wall.

While it is true that this will be permitted for a three-year window but it offers a great option to selling home to get more space.

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