Politicians: They Say One Thing, Do Another

I’ve wondered a lot about the fact that the political class in this country is so obtuse. Here’s more evidence:

The continual bickering about gas and oil taxes accents the policy confusion or maybe cynicism and greed of our politicians.

They say they want lower gas prices but don’t want more production to increase supply. The last oil refinery was built 40 years ago.

They say they want oil self-sufficiency, but they’ve declared the big domestic sources of oil that would take the place of foreign imports off limits. Cuba and China can drill within 50 miles of our shores but ‘we’ can’t!

They want substitutes for oil and gas. So what’s their solution? They subsidize the hell out of corn, a vital food crop so it can be used for ethanol production. What happens? Corn prices rise through the roof, making food and other commercial corn by-products unavailable, therefore raising prices. Farmers, the only source of corn we have quickly figure out they can make more money and plant more corn causing shortages in our other food stuffs.

With a non-food plant available in Brazil available to make ethanol, we (our

Congress) refuses to reduce tariffs on them. Where’s Alice?

With prices going up and inflation rapidly rising, what have our major political parties foisted on us now? Three candidates hell bent on raising our taxes.

They want Americans to reduce oil usage to cut greenhouse gases, but they protest higher oil prices that reduce the demand. Which begs the question, why are a small group of self proclaimed environmentalists making policy for the whole nation? I thought that the Congress made the country’s policies for the citizens? I thought the usual way to gain political ends was to buy a bunch of congressmen/women? Do the environmentalists have that much money or is the Congress cheaper now?

They want oil companies to invest, but they are ready to take away those profits from that investment.

Maybe it’s time to apply mental, ethical and criminal standard tests for congressional candidates. Perhaps we ought to start with county government!

Maybe Mark Twain was right when he called them “Our only native criminal class.”

D. W. Plezia

Spring Hill

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