Landing Your First Job Out of College

You’ve acquired your cap, your gown, and your collection of college memories. The only thing you can’t seem to acquire is your first job. Instead of crying into your third bowl of ramen and chugging some more boxed wine, take a look at these few tips for landing that job (and most importantly, that paycheck).

Landing Your First Job Out of College

1. There Is No Such Thing as the Perfect Job

Wow – that’s a depressing way to start. However, it’s imperative to come to this realization if you’re holding out applications because you are waiting for your dream company to give you a call. Take a deep breath, do some research and realize that climbing up the corporate ladder takes time and connections. This means that, more often than not, you will be starting at the bottom of the ladder and seeking an entry-level position.

2. Your First Job May Not Be in Your Major

Your first job out of college should be a chance for you to gain key experience, even if it’s not necessarily in your field. For example, that receptionist job at the construction office will give you important customer service skills that you may not have had previously. If your goal is just to acquire a job, take a look at local temp agencies (search boston staffing agencies, for example) for one of the most pain-free ways to find a position.

3. Apply for Everything 

There is a 0% chance of you getting a job if you never apply. This means, that as the end of senior approaches, you should be widening your horizons if you hope to be employed on graduation day. Write up a killer resume and read every job description before hitting submit. While your three summers babysitting might not be the best fit for the Administrative Assistant application, it would be perfect for your Birthday Party host application.

Your first job out of college will not dictate the rest of your life. Take a breath, focus on enjoying the remainder of your college career, and do your best to find a job you think you’ll enjoy. Any experience you receive will be imperative in moving up the ladder.

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