How to help natural disaster victims

Although no one ever wants to be caught in the middle of a natural disaster like a wildfire or hurricane, it is always so touching to hear about the people who step up to help others during those tragic times of need. However, it can be difficult for people who want to provide assistance to those in need, to know what exactly is needed. Here are some of the things that are needed when people are evacuated or lose their homes to a natural disaster.

How to help natural disaster victims

Food and Water

Food and drinking water are the top priorities during the aftermath of a natural disaster. It’s so nice when volunteers come to make sure that there is a hot meal and bottled water for people who may have lost their homes. Disaster relief showers or laundry machines can also be brought to evacuation sites to allow people to freshen up a bit.


Having a safe place to stay with a roof over their heads is important for people who have been evacuated during a natural disaster.


People are so eager to help that victims of natural disaster may be overwhelmed with donations. These excess donations of canned food and clothing, while very helpful, can pose somewhat of a burden in terms of where to store everything. When you think about a family that has just lost their home in a wildfire, they have no place to store a lot of canned foods or clothing. They may not even have a car, so they would just be trying to carry these items around with them. It is important to check for an updated list of what exactly is needed before dropping off donations, or just donate money.

It’s difficult to imagine having your life turned upside down by a natural disaster, but it is heartwarming to see the outpouring of support from nearby communities as these families and individuals try to put their lives back together again.

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