Car Maintenance Tips For the Summer

Keeping your car in the best condition, even in the height of summer can take some effort and these tips are here to help you deal with just that.

So, take a look at these great tips on how to keep your auto in top notch and ensure your driving is comfortable throughout the summer.

Car Maintenance Tips For the Summer


Summer is frequently when local authorities feel it is a good time to do essential road maintenance.  Newly surfaced roads will tend to have loose debris on them, including tar and stones, which can damage your motor’s bodywork.

So you should plan on driving within the speed limits that are recommended when you are driving through a road work zone.  Also, do not drive too close to the vehicle ahead of you because it may toss up debris.


No matter how careful you are to keep the engine coolant at the correct level and have an engine cooling fan that is fully functional, the heat can sometimes still be too much for your car, especially if you happen to get stuck in a traffic jam while on holiday.  The best way to deal with this type of situation is to turn the heater to full blast so that your air conditioning is activated to resolve the problem.


During the winter batteries undergo a lot of stress, so it is quite possible that the unit might be carrying existing damage as a result.  Usually this type of problem will be indicated by your car having a hard time starting.

Have a battery test done to ensure that your battery is in complete working order.  Many garages will do this test for free.  It is an easy way to avoid having a breakdown at an inopportune time.


A dirty windscreen can make glare from the sun worse.  This increases the chances of motorists getting involved in accidents due to poor visibility. suggest that therefore you should ensure that your car is fully loaded with windscreen wash so that it can be used while driving.

However, the vision problems will only be exacerbated and the benefits of the windscreen wash will be negated if your wiper blades are worn out.  So be sure to have the wipers replaced as needed.

Air filter

The purpose of the air filter is to keep debris and dirt from getting into the car.  It has a tendency to get clogged up, especially during the summer.

Replace the air filter in your car each year to keep good air flow flowing into the engine.  You should have this done as part of your annual service each year.


Are you planning to drive your car this summer to a holiday destination?   If so, then you need to ensure that your brakes are in good working order.  Have a local garage check the brake fluid level, discs and brake pads before setting off on your outing to give you maximum peace of mind and to prevent any problems while you are away from home.

Oil Levels

Oil is basically your engine’s blood supply.  Be sure to check the oil levels on your car to ensure that they are between the minimum and maximum on the dipstick to avoid having irreparable damage done.  Ideally you should check this once per week.

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