Building Your Computer: Five Things to Remember

Building a computer is not only fun…it’s frustrating. On one hand it’s easy to customize but on the other, it’s easy to customize, which in turn, creates confusion. With so many computers on the market for different types of users, it may be easier to build a system that is perfect for your own needs.

After customizing and tweaking my own desk top computer, I’ve come to learn that there are some little known facts that could have saved me time, irritation, and money.

Building Your Computer

Screwdrivers are your best friend

A multi-faceted set of screwdrivers is paramount to your success when building your computer. The screws used to attach various devices inside the tower are tiny and screwdrivers with magnetic heads are a must. The magnetic heads ensure that your screws don’t drop into a bunch of fresh and expensive hardware, which in turn can create problems when sticking a hand between all the itsy-bitsy filaments and tiny wires on your new motherboard or graphics card.

Two hard drives

If you have room and your budget allows, consider two hard drives; drives with large capacities. If one crashes it’s easy to switch over to the new one in a pinch. Multiple drives are also handy for extra storage especially if your computer will have more than one user.

Graphics card

If you’re a gamer or someone who works with a lot of graphic software, skimping on a graphics card will only cause you misery in the long-run. Invest in the most expensive one that you can afford to ensure that replacing it will not cause compatibility problems in the future, which could result in extra replacement components.

Static electricity

The static electricity that one emits from touching other objects can be detrimental to motherboards and other key hardware that resides inside your computer. Make sure to touch a random metal object such as the casing inside your computer before installing anything or consider wearing an anti-static armband.

Computer casing

Towers can be cheap or they can be expensive but regardless of price, choose something that not only looks good according to your aesthetics, but will be useful. A tower that provides extra ports for hard drives and DVD players is ideal for future upgrades.

A custom computer is adaptable and allows for many years of use as opposed to those that are fresh off of the factory-line. Building your own computer is satisfying and will be forever customizable.

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Building Your Computer: Five Things to Remember
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