Benefits of Adding a CNC Machining Service to Your Supply Chain

Whether you run a repair shop or design and sell your own products, adding a computer numerical control machining service to your supply chain can help you reduce labor costs and have custom or rare parts made for you. These services use blueprints for various items as guides for the computer to machine intricate designs from metal pieces by drilling or plasma cutting.

Benefits of Adding a CNC Machining Service to Your Supply Chain

Labor Costs

CNC machining Ontario company can save your supply chain on labor costs in a couple of different ways. Not only does this process take less time and use fewer employees, there are fewer mistakes, so you are not paying for the time it takes to correct them. Computer guided machining can also make the process much safer and result in fewer accidental injuries. Because the computer numerical control is faster than manual control, employees can quickly set up multiple machines to cut parts and monitor the process on a rotation to reduce the amount of time each order takes to complete. The precision of these systems also means less waste in both time and materials.

Custom Parts

With a CNC machining service, your company can order custom parts for prototype products or for hard-to-find equipment part replacements with less lead time. You send the specifications and designs to the service and they can cut and ship the parts in hours instead of days or weeks. Many autobody shops will use CNC machining to get replacement parts for classic vehicles when original equipment manufacturer parts are no longer being produced.

CNC machining is often faster and more precise than manual machining and can also be much safer for workers. This can add up to financial savings in your supply chain as well as a faster turnaround on your own products and processes. You can even find obsolete, out of production or prototype replacement parts much easier by sending a CNC service the designs and having them make a custom order.

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