6 extraordinary features of the toilets to consider – Make the best choice

If you strive to have newness in your bathroom, this is the best chance you can ever have and amaze your friends. When they will visit you and see how warmer your toilet seat is, they will become a big fan of you. With these extraordinary features of the toilets, you can also influence your social circle.

In addition to this only features, touchless cleaning and flushing, music, refreshing smell, and many other features will win the game. So, do not miss this opportunity as the toilets are updated after ages and these features are worth it. Get about these features in detail first and then make a decision. Let’s dig in!

6 extraordinary features of the toilets to consider – Make the best choice

6 extraordinary features of the toilets

Nothing can beat the scope of these extraordinary features of the toilets. If you are also hunting for the best toilet, do not forget to review the Kohler Gabrielle toilet range.

Here we see astonishing features that can lead your bathroom to the next level

Seat warmer – Instant solution to the cold toilet

If you think a thousand times in winters to go to the bathroom, this opportunity is for you to have a toilet with a seat warmer. Yes! you heard it right. You can have a toilet with a warm seat. Even in these latest modes, you can adjust the temperature of the toilet according to your need. If it is frozen outside, you can make it as cozy and comforting as you want.

Listen to the music!

Let the music on! If you are a music lover and cannot spend a moment without it, your problem is solved. You do not have to take your hands-free and mobile to the washroom. This is one of the most outstanding features that you can listen to music from the toilet. These toilets have an in-built feature that you insert a USB device or make a playlist to enjoy it anytime. Most people also listen to music to stimulate their internal system. They can also enjoy this treat.

No-touch – All is flush

If you always remain in hurry and forget to flush, we have a solution to this problem. You can have a toilet with a touchless flushing feature. You do not have to do anything. Just do your work and stand up. The toilet will handle the rest. This feature is getting immensely popular for its water-saving feature. As the sensors in the toilet sense how much water is required to flush the waste. In this way, an accurate amount of water is released in the bowel, and water is saved.

These are some of the best toilets that you can install in your kid’s bathroom. They are used to play with water and waste a lot of water. When the flush will automatically drain, water will be saved.

Feet warmer – Enjoy the coziness

When you are sitting on a warm seat then why to shiver for cold feet. In these toilets, warm air is blown from the bottom of the toilet that warms your feet. So, on a cold morning, you will be all cozy in your bathroom. Enjoy!

Automatically opens toilet lid

Can you imagine a better life than this, when the toilet lid is automatically open for you? This is tremendous. You do not need to bend and touch the lid to open it. The toilet will sense and lift the lid with motion activation.  Some of the models can automatically open the seat for men to do their business.

Deodorizer – No more smell!  

If your toilet smell is embarrassing, don’t worry, it will no longer be. These amazing toilets can convert your bathroom smell to fragrance. There is a deodorizer in these toilets that either remove your smell before it reaches the air or makes the space fresh with fragrance. So, the time of the smelly bathroom is gone. Complement your bathroom with these extraordinary toilets.

Touchless cleaning 

Today, you can use the bathroom and clean yourself without touching. I’m sure this is a feature you have not heard about. This touchless technology uses bidet to clean you when you have used the toilet. You just have to touch a button and the bidet will cleanse you. This feature also reduces the need for toilet paper. An important and interesting thing is that you will not be wet anymore. When bidet has done its job, the toilet will blow you dry. All you can do this within minutes!

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