5 Reasons to Have a Wall Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning units have come a really long way since the beginning. Fortunately, we no longer have to endure really bulky and loud air conditioning units which used to dominate a room in both appearance and sound.

Technology and demand are what have led us away from these designs and in have come the new, sleek, multipurpose and multifunctional air conditioning units. One design that has particularly caught our eye as a big player in the game, are wall air conditioning units; so much so, that we have written an article on why exactly you should invest in one:


Money Saver

A big reason why many people choose to go with wall air conditioning units over traditional central air conditioning systems is because they are much cheaper to run. Wall units don’t require as much energy or electricity as central air systems as they give you the option to choose which rooms to cool, meaning, that in rooms which are hardly occupied, you can switch the air conditioning off.

Easy to Maintain

As with all major appliances, air conditioning systems require regular maintenance and upkeep. Wall units are very easy to maintain and care for in comparison to central air conditioning units. With wall air conditioning units, you are only recommended to clean and change the filters every few months. If you have an allergy to pets or a lot of indoor plants, you will need to change your filters more regularly, however this is a very inexpensive and easy task and will not take long.

Cheap to Replace/Fix

If tragedy strikes and your wall air conditioning unit breaks down, the cost to replace any parts are much less than they would be for central air conditioning units. If one part of your central system breaks down, it could cause the entire system to break down and require more than one part to be replaced; whereas wall units can be repurchased with a brand new warranty. A typical wall air conditioning unit can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years, depending on the make and model. Also, wall units are a lot cheaper to purchase in comparison to central systems and come with a variety of warranty options.

More Eco-friendly

It is a fact that wall air conditioning units require a lot less energy in comparison to central air conditioning systems. Due to this, they are seen to be more eco-friendly as you can have more control over where you want your cooling system to direct its use. Wall air conditioning units are seen to be a lot more energy efficient in comparison to central air conditioning units as they offer you the ability to have more control over temperature.

Improve Air Quality

Many argue that indoor air is of a lower quality than outdoor air due to heating and cooling systems. With a traditional central air conditioning units, you would have to professionally clean your system on a regular basis in order to ensure the quality of air within your home is not reduced, however, dust and other allergens would still be left behind. With certain wall units such as ductless systems, the air within homes has been proven to be improved  due to its filtration process.

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