4 Reasons to Choose Natural Gas

There is a lot of pressure on the earth’s inhabitants to preserve and protect our natural resources. There is a huge push to find alternative fuel sources, and natural gas has emerged as a clear favorite. There are a few primary reasons why natural gas is considered the right fuel choice.

4 Reasons to Choose Natural Gas

1. Versatility

Natural gas is able to be more than just a heating option for your home. Many different appliances have been configured to run off natural gas, including clothes dryers, cooking ranges, water heaters, lighting, pool or tub heaters, and BBQ grills. With plenty of CNG fueling station construction going on, there is no danger of running low on this resource.

2. Convenience

When you are relying on natural gas, you don’t have to worry about a fuel tank running low or service interruptions. Natural gas is fed through underground pipelines, keeping them from being damaged during storms. Natural gas doesn’t leave a mess like wood-burning or coal, and it doesn’t have a smell when used. It also works quickly to heat your home, cook your food, or warm your water for a nice, long shower.

3. Savings

Using natural gas offers significant savings over other energy sources. You can do a cost comparison of appliances at a local retailer to see an initial savings, but the efficiency that gas offers lowers your utility bills. Once your home is connected to natural gas, you can easily add additional appliances or convert existing ones. Monitoring the gauge of your tank can be confusing but it will help you save natural gas for different uses at home, read more on the topic here.

4. Environmentally-friendly

In addition to being one of the safest energy sources around the world, natural gas is one of the best energy alternatives. It is the cleanest fossil fuel, burning about 45% less carbon dioxide than coal does, 30% less than oil, and roughly 15% less carbon dioxide than wood. It is also extremely efficient when it combusts, as it produces water vapor, heat, and carbon dioxide.

If you are looking for an alternative fuel source that supports the environment, consider making the switch to natural gas. It is affordable, efficient, and there is little danger of running out.

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