The Key To Keeping Your Pond Clear and Thriving

There’s nothing quite like an evening walk around a peaceful neighborhood pond. If you are fortunate enough to live on or near a healthy pond, you know water is appealing on many fronts. Adopting a proactive approach to pond management is the key to a healthy, beautiful aquatic environment. The first step toward preventive pond management is finding the right consultant.

The Key To Keeping Your Pond Clear and Thriving

Consulting a Pond Management Specialist

Expert advice from a pond management consultant is essential to the health and longevity of your pond. A consultant will understand the complex science involved in managing your pond and will present the range of services available to you. Most consultants you interview will begin by visiting your site, will recommend any needed testing and discuss the specific steps for managing your pond. This is a good time to ask questions and learn what you can about the best practices for your pond’s size, location and recreational uses.

Creating an Annual Pond Management Plan

Once you choose a company to help you manage your pond, a dedicated consultant will likely work with you to create an annual management plan. This detailed maintenance schedule will help you stay current with preventive care for your pond. A well-designed plan increases your pond’s vitality and longevity and can reduce the incidence of costly remedies for undetected problems.

Following Your Maintenance Plan

Your annual plan will highlight maintenance practices to be completed in the areas of shoreline management, aeration, water testing, aquatic plant control, and nutrient management. By the time you notice algae overgrowth, cloudy water, or mosquitos, a serious problem may already be at work. Your best chance for early intervention is to keep up with the maintenance, testing and monitoring outlined in your plan.

A proactive approach to pond management gives your beautiful aquatic asset the best chance to remain a lovely and functional asset, year-round. Your pond expert knows your site and can serve as a built-in resource for any challenges that arise. Keeping a pond healthy is much easier than rehabilitating one that is faltering.

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