Probation and Parole Wanted Person – Robert Gotts

Probation and Parole Wanted Person – Robert Gotts

Height : 6’0”                        Eyes : Green

Weight : 200                        Hair : Blonde

Probation and Parole Wanted Person - Robert Gotts

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*UPDATE* The roadway has been cleared 05-15-19

Original information: Traffic Crash with Road Obstruction

Commercial Way –near the intersection of Northcliffe Blvd, Spring Hill


Please use an alternate route or expect delays until the roadway can be cleared (usually about 30 – 45 minutes).

For a real-time look at Hernando County Traffic Accidents and Responses – please visit the following link:

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What To Consider When Purchasing a Temporary Event Structure

Businesses use temporary structures for all kinds of events from trade shows to temporary storage facilities. Their low costs make them a preferred option for many industry organizations. Tent structures come in a variety of options and designs. Here are a few tips to make choosing the right one for your event easier.

What To Consider When Purchasing a Temporary Event Structure


One key element for choosing the right semi permanent tent structures for your event center around the local environment and terrain. The outdoor conditions can greatly impact the event. Knowing the season, weather conditions and location placement can make choosing the right material and structure design easier on you. For example, some materials and designs are better suited for a rainy, windy day than others.


How many people plan to attend your event greatly impacts how much space you need inside the structure. Another thing to consider is how the space will be used. Tents that includes furniture for people to sit on requires more square footage per person than standing room only spaces.


The style of the temporary structure affects the look. A temporary structure can have a single level or multiple levels. The roof style, lining materials and frame construction all impact the look of the structure. Choose between a variety of shapes including triangular, square, octagonal, round and rectangular. The type and number of windows and doors change the look and function of the structure.


Another consideration is the interior design of the structure. Simply because it is temporary doesn’t mean the interior needs to be boring. Have a floorplan in mind to get the most out of your space. Other elements that need deciding include lighting, power capabilities, flooring, accessories and furniture.

Make your event the sensation of the year with the right temporary structure. Despite all the options, narrowing down a few key decisions can make the process easier for your business or organization.

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How to Change Wifi Name and Password 2019

Wi-Fi is great for you to connected with your friend ,but a poorly secured Wi-Fi can put your personal information at risk. You should protect your router password and change the password regularly to protecting your network and your data .If you don’t know I will guild you How to Change Your Wifi Password .

Step 1 : Find Your Router’s IP Address

On a Windows PC, you press Windows Key + R, type “cmd”, and press Enter.


Then you type “ipconfig” to find ip of router , it’s “Default Gateway”


Step 2 : Login your router

You find user name & password from device label

tplink admin

1.Tplink :

  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/admin or root/root


  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/admin


  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/admin or  root/root


  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/admin


  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/zoomadsl


  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/epicrouter

7.Arris TG1672G

  • IP:
  • User/Pass: admin/password


You open your browser and type ip of router , ex : , then you type user name and password your modem. example my modem is Tplink, so I type admin/admin

How to Change Your Wifi Password 2019

From the menu on the left hand-side of the screen select “Wireless”.

  • To change wifi name from the sub-menu you select Wireless Settings => Wireless  Network Name, then you click save .
  • To change wifi channel you select Wireless Settings => Channel 


  • To change the wifi password, you select Wireless Security from the Wireless sub-menu on the left => Wireless Password, then you click save

How to Change Your Wifi Name and Password 2019

I hope you will know how to How to Change Your Wifi Name and Password
You can watch this video to know more :

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4 Quiet, Crowd-Free Beaches in America

Sun-soaked sand, cool water, and the sound of crashing waves work together to make beaches the perfect spot for relaxation. They can be incredibly crowded and polluted, though, which can put a damper on relaxation. Thankfully, there are some little-known beaches that grant you a crowd-free vacation.4 Quiet, Crowd-Free Beaches in America

Bald Head Island, NC

Reachable only by a 20-minute ferry ride, this is one of several overlooked quiet beaches in North Carolina. The island boasts plenty of quiet beaches, forest reserves, and outdoor activities. Out of the island’s 12,000 acres, 10,000 are untouched beaches, forests, and marshland. If you want a break from the beach, however, there are also restaurants, shopping malls, and other activities to check out.

Cumberland Island

This island is also only accessible by ferry and is notable due to its protected and abundant wildlife. Rather than sharing the beach with dozens of other families, you might find yourself sharing it with wild horses! Deer and armadillos are also found on the island, making it a great place to experience nature.

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia

This beach is just 15 miles from the bustle of Virginia Beach, but it’s devoid of the constant crowds of its neighbor. There aren’t any resorts on this five-mile stretch of beach, so you can sit down and relax or search for seashells with just the natural sounds of the beach. It’s just close enough to abundant activities near Virginia Beach, however, that if you’d like a faster paced day, you can achieve that easily!

Garrapata State Park, California

Admittedly, this isn’t the best beach to go to if your heart is set on swimming; the surf is too rough to swim safely. However, the same rough surf creates sheltered bluffs and little coves, even a few caves. If you love hunting for shells or checking out the wildlife in tide pools, you’ll love exploring this beach!

If you love nature and want to avoid the bustle of tourist-flooded beaches, there are plenty of peaceful beaches cross America to choose from. These beaches allow you to do what you came to do: rest.

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TABC Partners With Federal Law Enforcement

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission , or TABC, was established to enforce regulations involving alcohol. The TABC has a great deal of responsibility when it comes to overseeing the laws and regulations involving alcohol and the licensing division takes its job very seriously. There are several efforts currently underway to help ensure that tabc licensing and permits are administered and issued as properly as possible. With the right amount of oversight, TABC believes they can help keep Texas residents safe by preventing the sale of alcohol to minors and also intoxicated individuals. They can also help maintain Texas residents’ safety in other ways.

Partnering with Law Enforcement

TABC’s mission to keep Texas residents safe was demonstrated recently when the TABC canceled liquor permits for two separate night clubs that were presumed to have been involved with drink solicitation, narcotics and human trafficking. The TABC worked collaboratively with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office and federal task force partners for four months due to allegations of two separate night clubs being involved in illegal activity. The TABC and tabc licensing can play an important role in identifying illegal activity that might be happening within TABC-licensed businesses. The TABC has the legal right to monitor and regulate licenses, which can involve site visits that allow for a closer look into their establishments. The TABC can work with law enforcement agencies if they find any reason to believe illegal activity is happening. This is exactly what happened recently in southeast Texas.

TABC Cancels Liquor Licenses Due to Illegal Activity

In March 2019 the TABC cancelled the liquor licenses for two clubs. Both Club Casino and Zota’s Night Club are located in Austin, Texas and according to reviews on yelp both clubs are now closed. The case is still currently still under investigation so details are limited, but it appears that human trafficking had been happening for at least a few years. Federal officials have publicly expressed their gratitude for the TABC’s role in this case.

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Grand Theft Auto 05-13-19

Case Number: 2019-12396
Call our LEO Contact(s)

Alert Date: 5/13/2019
Business Name: 7-Eleven
Location: Spring Hill
District: 2 Zone: 3
LEO Contact(s): Detective G. Garman
Short Description
Grand Theft Auto
Detailed Description
The subjects pictured below are suspects in a Grand Theft Auto that occurred at the 7-Eleven located at 4710 Commercial Way, Spring Hill on Tuesday, 04/16/2019 at approximately 6:00 p.m. All subjects were seen arriving in the red vehicle (possibly a Dodge Dart) pictured below.

Grand Theft Auto 05-13-19

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Traffic Crash with Road Obstruction 05-10-19

Cortez Boulevard –near Deltona Boulevard, Weeki Wachee

Cortez Boulevard is BLOCKED EASTBOUND.

Please use an alternate route or expect delays until the roadway can be cleared (usually about 30 – 45 minutes).

For a real-time look at Hernando County Traffic Accidents and Responses – please visit the following link:

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