Why The Liberals Want The US To Lose The War In Iraq

Why the liberals want the U.S. to lose the war in Iraq

This past week convinced me that the left, especially the Democratic Congress, does not appreciate the fact that we are at war. When one is in a war, one attempts to amass as many allies as possible. It may be that some of these allies have significant moral differences.

A good example was the Soviet Union during World War II or Saddam Hussein during the war between Iran and Iraq. The adage, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” holds true.
During World War I, the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, killed over a million Armenians. Today, we call that genocide.
Our Congress led by the Democrats picked this particular time to announce to the world how wrong that was and passed a resolution in a committee. Now the speaker, Ms. Pelosi, is trying to have the entire House pass this resolution. As a result, Turkey has recalled its ambassador, and is massing troops on the Iraqi border to deal with Kurdish rebels who conduct raids across the border into Turkey. Much of our supplies to support our troops in the war in Iraq pass through or over Turkey.
Why would our Democratic-led Congress pick this particular time to bring up this issue? There is only one reason — to make it more difficult for the U.S. to win this war in Iraq.

Sen. Harry Reid has declared that the war is lost. Rep. John Murtha has accused Marines of murder before any investigation, and investigations have proved that he was wrong.

Sen. John Kerry has accused our troops of acting like terrorists in the dead of night. Sen. Richard Durbin has likened our troops to the worst in the Pol Pot regime, the SS in Germany and the Gulags in Russia. Sen. Ted Kennedy has said that Abu Grahib is under new management and is no different than when Saddam ran it. The current resolution is merely another ploy to make it more difficult to win this war, especially since the surge is doing so well.
Since the left has done so much to make it more difficult to win this war, then they will be unable to revel in any type of victory.

Therefore, they must do whatever is necessary to ensure that victory does not occur. There will be many who do not agree with me, but just look at the facts. Who has been denigrating our military, who is constantly portraying nothing but bad news, and who insists that incompetence is the norm in the running of the war? The answer is always the same — the liberals and leftist lawmakers.

As of Wednesday, the Turkish parliament has authorized cross border attacks into northern Iraq against Kurdish rebels who have been raiding into Turkey. The Turkish prime minister has stated that an attack is not eminent. Since we are showing such little regard for an ally, that ally may just do the same.

Don Myers is a retired Marine colonel living in Spring Hill. He is a columnist for Hernando Today.

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