The Case for Redevelopment

Humans can tend to be skeptical when it comes to an idea that is unfamiliar, especially when it impacts places they tend to hold dear. When unfamiliar elements are introduced in the cities people live in, that skepticism has the potential to present itself in fear or anger, as people grapple with understanding the motivations behind a new building being built, an old building being torn down, or a run-down building being reinvigorated. It is important to remember that change can often bring new life to areas that have gone dormant – especially in the case of apartment redevelopment.

The Case for Redevelopment

More Housing

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of redevelopment is the addition of new housing. Apartment redevelopment creates more space for more people. In the middle of a notable housing crisis, breathing new life into already-built structures not only uses fewer resources but has the potential to offer more housing to more people at more affordable pricing.

The Domino Effect

One perhaps overlooked benefit of apartment redevelopment is the appreciation-by-proxy that can occur. Buildings nearby a renovation end up increasing in value simply by default. Developers like Steven Taylor Landlord have been known to spend a considerable amount of time researching and analyzing an area for redevelopment in an effort to determine how a project will impact not only the renovated building but also the surrounding community, as they desire its success as much as the commonwealth does.

New Jobs

In order to complete the redevelopment, contractors and landlords need bodies to complete the work. Redevelopment requires the work of contractors, plumbers, electricians and painters. Paving the new parking lot draws on engineers, commercial vehicle operators and asphalt companies. New addresses will require mail to be delivered by the local post office. The impact of redevelopment on job creation and job maintenance can be far-reaching.

Seeing a formerly run-down or unused apartment building being renovated may initially bring some concern to those who live in the area. However, understanding that the positive impact that the renovation has the potential to bring to the surrounding populace may change the apprehension to excitement.

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