Six Green Ideas for an Indoor Recycling Collection Bin

When I started recycling, I didn’t go buy an indoor recycling collection bin. Maybe I will someday, but for now, we have plenty of items in the house that can be used to collect our recyclables. What are some green ideas for an indoor recycling collection bin? Look around your house; maybe you already have one of these six items that can be used when you get started recycling.
Indoor Recycling Collection Bin

1. Extra trash can. A recycling bin is essentially a garbage can that holds recyclable trash. Do you have an extra medium to large garbage can somewhere in your house? The larger the can, the longer you can go without taking it out to your outdoor bin.

2. Old milk crates. We didn’t have an extra garbage can at our house, but we did have an old milk crate that wasn’t being used at the time. It works perfectly for an indoor recycling collection bin; it’s a little on the smaller side, so we have to take it out pretty frequently, but that’s not a problem since it can be a little unsightly when it gets too full.

3. Empty plastic tote. Storage totes can work as a temporary indoor recycling bin, as well, if you can find one that isn’t full of Christmas decorations or out-of-season clothing. They have lids for keeping recyclables contained and handles to make it easier to carry to the outdoor bin.

4. Cardboard box. If nothing else, you can use a medium to large cardboard box until you are able to get a more permanent recycling container. You could even keep smaller boxes hidden in cabinets around the house for collecting smaller recyclables, like in the bathroom, for example.

5. Extra laundry hamper. An unused laundry hamper could make a great recycling bin if you happen to have one. I can picture a tall wicker hamper with a lid as a decorative addition to the kitchen or wherever you keep the recyclables.

6. Five gallon bucket. It may not look great, but if you have nothing else at the moment, an empty five gallon bucket would work to collecting recyclable trash until you can get something nicer. Plus, if the bucket still has its handle, it will be easy to carry out to the curb.

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