MEDIA RELEASE 09-17-2018

Deputies Resolve Barricaded Subject Situation Peacefully

On 09-14-18 at just before 8 p.m., Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the area of Long Hill Court in Spring Hill regarding a disturbance.

Upon arrival, deputies spoke to the victim, Joshua Swisher, who advised that he was assisting his brother Joseph, in delivering medication. Joseph works for a pharmacy in New Port Richey, and the brothers were delivering medication to patient’s homes.

When the pair arrived at an address on Long Hill Court in Spring Hill with a delivery, Joshua waited in the vehicle while Joseph went to the door with the medication.

Moments later, a male, later identified as James Richard Newcome, approached the driver’s side of Joshua’s vehicle asking Joshua what he was doing and why he was there. Newcome then reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a handgun. While Newcome did not point the handgun at Joshua, he did say that he was licensed to carry it and was protecting the neighbor’s property. Newcome then reached into Joshua’s vehicle and took Joshua’s cell phone that was sitting in his lap.

Newcome put the gun back in his pocket then walked to the front door of the residence where the medication delivery was being made. Newcome spoke to his neighbor briefly and gave him Joshua’s cell phone, so he could return it to Joshua. Newcome then went back to Joshua’s vehicle, again producing the handgun, again asking why he was there. Newcome then returned to his own residence.

Fearful of the gentleman brandishing a weapon, when Joseph returned to the vehicle with the cell phone, Joshua contacted the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies arrived on scene, Newsome was very uncooperative and retreated into his residence, refusing to exit. Newsome’s wife, Umaima Newcome was also inside the residence. Umaima Newcome was also uncooperative with law enforcement, and refused to exit the residence.

During the investigation, James Newcome continually called 9-1-1, advising operators that he would “take care of this in the morning” and insisted that deputies leave his property. James Newcome continually stated that he was not going to come out of the residence and that he and his wife were tired of people looking into their windows.

The SWAT and CRT teams were activated.

After several hours of attempting to get James and Umaima Newcome to exit the residence, the Hernando County Sheriff’s SWAT team deployed tear gas into the residence. Both James and Umaima exited the residence and were taken into custody. Both refused to cooperate with the investigation. The Newcomes were charged as follows:

• James Richard Newcome W/M DOB/08-16-1961
o Burglary of a Vehicle w/Firearm
o Resist Arrest w/o Violence
o False 9-1-1 Call
o Bond – $27,000.

• Umaima Jeevanjee Newcome W/F DOB/03-01-1973
o Resist Arrest w/o Violence
o Bond – $1,000.

MEDIA RELEASE 09-17-2018
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