If Only They Could Talk: What Your Pet Is Trying To Tell You With These Common Signals

They look at you with pleading eyes, asking for something. Yet, no matter how hard you try, you can’t figure out what your pet wants. With the help of expert advice, you will be communicating more clearly with your pets in no time at all.

What Your Pet Is Trying To Tell You With These Common Signals

But You’ve Always Done This

An animal suddenly being stubborn is a sign of a problem, maybe even a serious one. If your horse has always sailed over horse jump walls for the love of jumping yet is suddenly refusing to clear even a small rail, you should pay attention. Chances are she is in pain or feeling discomfort somewhere. Make sure to check her feet, shoes, and legs first since pain on landing is a common cause of jump refusal.

The same thing can go for a normally obedient dog who suddenly won’t do anything you ask. Look at the rest of your pet’s body language to understand why, out of the blue, they won’t do something routine.

I’m Sorry if I’m Boring You

If your dog starts yawning even though your house is in full swing, he’s probably not really tired. Clever canines use this approach to relieve some stress.

Warm Biscuits, Coming Up

Cats have a language all their own. If you want any level of peace in your cat-friendly home, it is best to start learning that now. The next time you see your favorite feline kneading the sofa (or your legs) just remember how happy he is with you. Kneading behavior, sometimes called making biscuits, is a way that cats signal contentment and happiness.

The Tail As a Signal Flag

An animal’s tail can be an excellent indicator of what it’s thinking or feeling. Tails are, in most cases, easy to see and can go from animated to tucked in a matter of seconds. Pay attention to your pet’s tail and you will be well on your way to learning their language.

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