How To Improve Your Porch

When the weather gets warm, a great place to enjoy it is your porch. Making improvements to this part of your house gives you a place to entertain guests and spend time as a family. Here are a few enhancements that you can make.

How To Improve Your Porch

Air Movement

Adding a farmhouse ceiling fan to your porch can increase the airflow in the space as well as accent the decor you have. This works especially well if this area is screened in. Have a contractor or electrician check the wiring so that your house is safe when you have the fan installed. Find a system that blends well with the look you want to achieve while circulating the air the way you wish.

Add Paint

A simple, inexpensive change that you can make is to paint your front door. Pick a bright color that is eye-catching but will coordinate with the shade of the house and trim. If you have any paint left after your job, consider if there are any planters or accessories you can also add a coat to. You can also update your house numbers to add additional flair. Pick a fun style and attach them to a unique object like a planter.

Add Greenery

Plants can be brought into your outdoor living space as well as your garden and lawn. Choose bright blooms that will add cheer when you are sitting outside.  You can add color and flair by choosing planters to put your greenery in. Look for unique objects that can be transformed into pots or stands to hold the planters that you use. Being creative with your foliage and the containers you keep them in to draw the attention of those who pass by.

Make Your Porch Your Home

Hanging draperies to your porch can add privacy to your seating area. It keeps the spot cool by shading it from the sun and hot wind. It adds a spark of color as well. Purchase furniture that matches your accessories and curtains. Test the pieces to be certain that they are comfortable to sit on and ensure that they can stand up to the weather. Also, get an end table or two and a coffee table to sit drinks and other items on. You can also hang up a porch swing for extra seating. Choose one that can handle a great deal of weight. Select a neutral color so it coordinates with the rest of the items on the porch and possibly with the decorations in your house.

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