Get the Right Tools for a Pop of Color

Redecorating your home can be intimidating. You might wander into a paint shop and get intimidated by all of their fancy equipment such as industrial machines and a professional paint lid press. It can seem like giving an old room some new color will be much more work than you anticipated, but don’t let that stop you! As long as you have the right tools to get the job done, you can succeed even with smaller household supplies.

Get the Right Tools for a Pop of Color

Preparation Tools

There are a few tools that can be essential to a successful paint job. The first is painter’s tape, which might be most famously notable by its blue color. This can help you protect areas such as baseboards and adjacent walls that you do not wish to get paint on. It can also be a creative way to make a fun design on the wall such as stripes or zigzags in different colors.

A drop cloth can also be invaluable to protect your floor while you paint. No matter how careful you are while working, odds are you’ll drop some paint. The drop cloth can ensure this does not ruin your floors. You don’t even have to buy a drop cloth; you can use an old shower curtain or an old set of sheets, anything you don’t mind getting paint on.

Painting Tools

A paint tray is a great way to get enough paint out of the bucket to work for a good while without needing a refill. It is also the best way to coat a paint roller, which can be the easiest tool to use when painting an entire wall. Be sure to use even strokes all in the same direction with a paint roller so the color is evenly distributed. You can also get smaller brushes to touch up those tricky corners and tight areas.

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