Do Not Do It Yourself

There is something deeply rewarding about doing it yourself. Whether it’s tightening that leaky faucet or putting up that bookshelf you’ve always wanted, it’s intensely satisfying to do it with your own two hands. It is possible to get a little carried away. When you’re debating whether to hire a professional or do it yourself, remember that there are a few projects that you absolutely must hire professionals for.


Any electrical work should be at the very top of things to avoid doing yourself unless you are an electrician. The risks are too many and too high stakes. Bad wiring can cause fires and it’s too easy to electrocute yourself. For any kind of residential wiring Richardson or your area, make sure to hire a licensed electrician. It’s just not worth it to put your life and your home in danger like that.


Changing carpets is one thing, but anything more in depth than that may require work on your subfloors. It’s easy to think that because a subfloor can’t be seen, it must not be all that important, but that’s a mistake. Without proper preparation and the proper training, your hardwood floors could end up needing repairs and the thing about subfloors is that in order to fix them, you have to rip up everything you’ve just put down.

Anything That Needs A Permit

Basically, anything that will require you to pull a permit in order to comply with local and federal rules is not something you should attempt on your own. Be sure to check your local regulations to see if the project you’re considering will require a permit or an inspection. Anything that does, you should probably contact a professional to do it for you. Don’t let the joys of homeownership be spoiled by the disasters of a do it yourself project gone horribly awry.

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