4 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing to Improve a Small Business

Nowadays, almost everyone is glued to their phones. In fact, recent statistics show that there are over 3 billion smartphone users all around the world and 62% use the device to make purchases. Furthermore, in a day, people check their phones countless times, while for the average users, it’s 58 times. This shows that cellphones have become a part of us and the sales are likely to grow over the years.

4 Ways to Use Mobile Marketing to Improve a Small Business

So for a small business or even a startup, mobile marketing is a crucial part of a marketing strategy that can boost sales. It can also be the key to your business’s success and the reason it survives during uncertain times.

However, by not considering mobile marketing, you might lose out on potential customers. So take advantage of the growing number of mobile phone users and incorporate these proven marketing tips and strategies to ensure your small business grows and survives.

Always Go for a Mobile Responsive Web Design

Since there are many smartphone users, your small company stands to gain customer’s attention if the web pages are mobile-friendly. But don’t stop there. Keep the site responsive to multiple mobile devices, including tablets.

That way, no matter the mobile gadget your customer is using, by visiting your web pages, they end up with an uninterrupted experience. If the website requires a redesign, but you are hesitant because of the cost, consider that 88% of online mobile users will not return to a web page after a poor encounter. Furthermore, slow loading platforms worldwide have cost businesses $2.6 billion in failed transactions every year.

A good example of the importance of a responsive and smooth site is for businesses that provide online writing services. When learners desire to comprehend more about a specific writing platform, they read reviews. For instance, payforessay review makes it easier to gauge whether the writing service is legit and offered by a subject expert who can meet your needs.

If interested students find the website simple to use no matter their device, they are likely to order. Thus, designing a mobile-friendly website is more likely to keep customers on your pages, increasing the chances of converting them to paying and loyal customers.

Use Mobile Marketing

Customize the Emails to Suit a Specific Subgroup

While there are plenty of approaches to grow a small company, one effective way is by incorporating a personalized experience. Customers are loyal to a brand that caters to individual goals. This is especially important if you offer multiple solutions. Personalization shows that you put customers first.

The trick is to classify clients into a specific audience and give them individualized experiences. Use locations, customer comments, and demographics to gain deep insights and user-specific data that will help you customize marketing messages across mobile devices.

Personalizing emails also prevents a small business owner from sending generic content that is more likely to end up in the trash folder or cause the customer to choose the email opt-out option. Remember, even customers that buy the same products are all different. Some are loyal customers, while others are new. They also have different tastes when it comes to what your business offers. Since every customer is unique, you are more likely to capture their attention with a personalized email.  

Add More Visual Content

Over the years, there has been a drastic shift in the way mobile users consume content. Besides, the attention span has reduced drastically. However, you can capture attention with short videos if you intend to post them on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The brief content will help you better engage your audience because they fit user expectations and makes it easier to share.

Mobile users also enjoy high-quality images that are relevant to the message being communicated. Creating an infographic is another way to simplify lengthy texts post. Overall, including pictures and is an effective mobile marketing trend that is expected to stay 2021 and beyond.

Leverage Voice-Enabled Searches

Voice search emerged as a technology that impacts the behavior of millennials. Producing content optimized specifically for voice searches works for large marketing teams. However, for small businesses, especially those with a limited or small content marketing budget, the direct search option works.

This involves making specific voice commands that allow smartphone users to access the content they want from your website. Use precise keywords, search terms, or phrases that assist in making purchases faster or getting access to the desired product. When appropriately designed, voice search as a mobile marketing strategy gives a small business a competitive lead.

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