10 Bizarre Car News Stories

There is a lot of weirdness in the world. A lot of odd people, unusual situations and interesting stories. As a result, amongst all the doom and gloom of news stories, there are occasionally some bits of news so bizarre that all you can really do is laugh.


Being the car maniacs that we are, we have sifted through a pile of newsworthy and bizarre stories involving cars to bring you the 10 most bizarre recent car news stories – Enjoy!

10 Bizarre Car News Stories


1. ‘Woman with Blood-Alcohol Level 5x the Legal Limit Escapes from Burning Car Totally Unscathed’

That’s right, a drunken woman who crashed her car into an embankment and set it on fire, managed to escape the burning vehicle without a scratch. She was then arrested for DUI.


2. ’12-year-old Boy Gets Drunk, Steals Car and Crashes it’

It’s no surprise that the drunken 12-year-old ending up crashing the car, but he crashed it into three other cars before he was then stopped by a 41 year old citizen who held him down on the floor until the police arrived. Kids these days.


3. ‘Mayors Cause Chaos with Opposing Views on One-Way Street’

Two mayors in Paris caused absolute commuter chaos when both of them declared a shared street a one-way street – the issue being that they decided on different directions. Paris police were called in to direct traffic and control the road rage in Levallois-Perret and Clichy-la-Garnne. The Telegraph tells us that Clichy have been told to make its section of the road two-way.


4. ‘Mechanic Finds Goat in Trunk of Car’

Yep. A car was dropped off at an auto-repair shop with a goat tied up in the boot. Not only was it tied up, it was also painted the colours of an American football team. The mechanic was so appalled that he rang animal rescue who are considering pressing charges. The ex-Vikings goat has since been adopted.


5. ‘Freefalling Fish Smashes Car Windsheild’

A woman driving in Ohio, USA suddenly had her windshield smashed up at the ‘impact of a brick’ as a falling fish landed on her car. Authorities claim that an overhead eagle dropped his dinner he had caught from a nearby lake. No injuries other than the car (and fish) took place. RIP Nemo.


6. ‘7-year-old Boy Nicks Car to Procrastinate Going to Church’

A 7-year-old boy stole a car and joy rode it around the local neighbourhood on a Sunday morning. The car reached up to 40mph before he was stopped by police. When asked why he did it, he claimed that he ‘didn’t want to go to Church’. By the sounds of it, this kid could really use some of the Sunday school teachings, such as, you know: ‘Thou shalt not steal’.


7. ‘Man Drives Car all Around the World’

Last year, a middle aged British man jumped into his convertible, started driving and apparently just didn’t stop. Sick of his mundane life (some call it a mid-life crisis), he hit the road and made it through Europe, India, South America and Australia. He is now currently in Canada.


8. ‘20-Year-Old Mini has 148 Miles’

In 1989, Ron Frost purchased a brand new, classic red mini. He drove it home, parked it and that was it. 20 years on, it still has the original oil in the engine and is worth a fortune more than when he bought it.

9. ‘Thieves Kidnap Child then Drop Him off at School’

A couple of car thieves accidentally kidnapped a little boy during a car steal. When they realised the boy was in the back, they diverted their get away route to go via his school and dropped him off there. Police found him sat in the classroom with a smile on his face. Ignorance is bliss.


10. ‘Chewbacca Arrested for Driving Darth Vadar to Polls in Ukraine’

A man dressed as Chewbacca was arrested at a polling station in Ukraine. Chewy said he was at the polls to support Darth Vader who he chauffeured to the polls according to the Guardian. Chewy was arrested on the grounds of not having the correct papers to vote but Darth Vader jumped to his defence saying that because Chewy was his pet and servant, he did not need papers. He was put into a police van for public disturbance and was fined under £10 in court.

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