United Nations just as useless as League was

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September is a wonderful time of the year as it is the prelude to fall, another magical season. It is also the time of the year when a group of dictators and despots descends on New York to attend the session of the United Nations.

The few democracies are outnumbered by the hard-drinking partygoers of the so-called underdeveloped countries of the world. Then the push for one world government happens, as it often does, with the presentation of treaties designed to take away the sovereign rights of the developed countries and send money to the rest of the freeloaders.

The Law of the Sea Treaty is but one example of nations being coerced into giving up their natural rights. The same is true of any “climate change” treaty that requires the developed nations to fork over money to the despots of the world who are good at corruption, violations of human rights, living like kings while the people live in squalor.

There are numerous examples among the African countries and the countries of Middle East. Then there are the eastern European countries and North Korea and China.

The United States pays the lion’s share of the U.N. budget, which is about $4 billion. The scandals have been many, such as the Oil for Food program that made millions for some U.N. dignitaries.

What started out as a grand idea has been corrupted into a grand scheme to fleece the wealthy nations for the so-called developing countries. Problem is some of these developing countries have been developing for a thousand years and are still not out of the Stone Age. There was a plan proposed to tax the American public for our crime of having built the world’s leading democracy in only 227 years. That represents a blink in the history of the world but stands out as a crowning achievement for a fledging nation.

That’s what causes the jealousy of the have nots because they have yet to figure out how to do what we have in two centuries. There are a handful of nations, such as England, Canada, Germany, France and a few others, that have progressed beyond despotism, but remember the time frame.

There is no doubt that the U.N. is as useful as the League of Nations and should wind up just the same way the League did.