Traffic Tip Tuesday 08-09-16

The school year in Hernando County starts tomorrow. Nervous and excited children will be waiting for the bus, or walking to their zoned school. Parents will be dropping children off and heading to work. With all that’s going on during school hours, driver’s need be mindful of the following:

Traffic Tip Tuesday 08-09-16

Drive cautiously through neighborhoods, children could be anywhere. Many children walk to school.
Give yourself extra time. Children will be finding new bus stops and busses traveling new routes. This will cause congestion.
Avoid school zones. If you have another way to go, use it. School zones get backed up, especially during the first couple of weeks of school.

Be aware of bus stops. From either direction, traffic is required to stop if the bus’ red lights are activated.
Avoid distractions. Your attention is critical during school hours. Texting is a big distraction, and it’s also illegal. Don’t do it.
If an emergency arises, call 9-1-1.

As a community we need to be united in ensuring that our youngest citizen’s get to school safely. With parents and motorists help, we can get the kids to their destinations without incident. Together we can have a safe school year on our roadways. Drive careful.

Traffic Tip Tuesday 08-09-16
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