Traffic Tip Tuesday 07-26-16

Stay in the car

Traffic stops are one of the ways law enforcement educates drivers of an infraction that has been observed. One of the best tips that I can provide to a driver involved in a traffic stop is to stay in the vehicle when you are being stopped. I have had many people over the years think that the right thing to do was to get out of their vehicle to talk about it. Unequivocally, I can tell you that getting out is not the best option.

Law enforcement officers from across the country agree, that it’s safer for all involved if drivers stay in their vehicle during a traffic stop. Drivers typically have no reason to leave the safety of their vehicle unless instructed to by the deputy on scene. Think about it, why leave a structure that was designed to be crashed to try your luck on your own? Just because you’ve been stopped doesn’t mean that the remainder of motorized traffic won’t continue to drive by. They will, and hopefully even stay in the appropriate lane of travel during the stop. If you need to egress for some type of exigent circumstance, communicate that to the law enforcement officer. I’m sure it can be worked out.

If you consider the officer’s safety, bad guys don’t and won’t ask to leave the vehicle, they just get out. Sometimes it’s to run, sometimes it’s to cause harm; either way is less than desirable for the deputy trying to do their job. Law enforcement is trained to handle threats, and the last thing an officer wants is to perceive a driver as a threat, when it’s simply a misunderstanding. Staying in the vehicle helps clarify the driver’s demeanor.

Folks, we want to get you home safely to your families and responsibilities. We need to keep our community safe as well. With your cooperation, you can help us with our responsibility to the community and its citizens. Thank you for your support.

Traffic Tip Tuesday 07-26-16
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