Traffic Tip Tuesday 05-17-16

Aggressive drivers are a dangerous nuisance on our roadways. Certainly risky, aggressive driving can quickly become deadly.

Aggressive driving behavior is attributed to more than half of all fatal crashes on our roadways today.

We often hear the phrase “Aggressive Driving” in reference to motor vehicle safety, but the definition may not be clear to all of us. I’ll refer to the Florida State Uniform Traffic Control laws for an accurate definition in our state.

The state of Florida defines Aggressive Driving as committing two of the following acts simultaneously or in succession:

-Exceeding a posted speed limit
-Unsafely or improperly changing lanes
-Following another vehicle too closely
-Failing to yield to another vehicle’s right-of-way
-Improperly passing
-Violating a traffic control and signaling device

I’m sure if you’ve been driving any length of time that you’ve encountered some type of aggressive driving on the roadway.

A single aggressive act by one driver, often triggers aggressive responses from other drivers exacerbating the situation.

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office actively enforces aggressive driving, and investigates crashes to determine whether aggressive driving is a factor.

Hopefully, an understanding of what constitutes aggressive driving can promote safer driving practices. Please drive safely and courteously.

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