What to Expect if You Choose a Nursing Career

A nursing career can be very rewarding, but only if you are prepared. If you have a genuine desire to take care of people who are ill or injured, this could be the right career choice. However, you should know that there are many aspects you will likely not find out about until you finish nursing school and begin working.

The Pay

The amount you will be paid might sound good in the beginning. However, when you see how much work you will be doing, you may think it should be more. You can always work overtime or even pick up extra shifts.

You will be required to buy certain equipment for nursing school or for your new job in addition to your shoes and scrubs. One company that provides high quality scrubs is Classico.

You Will Always Be Working

Even when you are not at your actual job, you will be working. Friends and family will want your advice constantly when they don’t feel good or need to know something. This is typical, and you will always be on call to answer their questions, because they are your friends and family.

Your Schedule Will Vary

Your hours will probably never be the way it appears. You may be given three days a week with a 12-hour shift each day. But the shift can easily become longer. You may work three or four hours more than what you expect, depending on how busy it is and if the place where you work is short-handed. In addition to these hours, you will probably get calls on your days off if someone scheduled to work is ill or another problem arises.

Be prepared to make mistakes when you are starting out, but it is not the end of the world. You will learn from your mistakes. Once you make one, it is highly unlikely that you will ever make it again because you will remember it the next time. You may think you are prepared by the time you finish nursing school, but actual experience is the best teacher.

What to Expect if You Choose a Nursing Career
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