Traffic Stop Results in the Arrest of Two and Seizure of Illegal Narcotics – 2023-15702

On 05-15-23 just after 8 p.m., Deputies T. Jones and J. Wilson were conducting proactive patrols in the area of Kass Circle and Spring Hill Drive, when they spotted a 2011 Hyundai Sonata being operated by William Glover.
Being familiar with Glover from previous law enforcement contacts, the deputies knew he did not possess a driver’s license; therefore, a Traffic Stop was conducted in the area of Spring Hill Drive and Pinehurst Drive.
Deputies made contact with the driver and sole passenger in the Hyundai. The driver was identified as William Glover. The passenger, and owner of the vehicle, was identified as Ashley Roller.
Upon confirming Glover’s identity, deputies placed him under arrest. While removing Glover from the vehicle, deputies detected the odor of burnt marijuana emanating from the interior of the vehicle. Upon hearing the deputies mention the odor, Roller immediately told them she possessed a medical marijuana card. When asked for the card, Roller was unable to produce one, or show proof that she had one.
Roller was removed from the vehicle so a probable cause search could be conducted.
While Deputy Wilson conducted the search, Deputy Jones spoke with Roller. During the conversation, Roller admitted to being the owner of the vehicle, knowing that Glover was not a licensed driver, and allowing him to driver her vehicle anyway, as she had consumed an alcoholic beverage at a local establishment.
It was noted by deputies that the odor of alcoholic beverages was not present on either Glover or Roller.
The search of the vehicle revealed the following items:
– Two clear baggies containing a green leafy substance. The substance weighed 16.2 grams and did test positive for the presence of THC.
– One clear baggie containing 10 round white pills. The pills were later identified as Acetaminophen and Oxycodone Hydrochloride, which is a Schedule 2 controlled substance.
– One plastic jar containing a clear baggie which held a rock-like substance. The substance weighed 6.8 grams and did test positive for the presence of cocaine.
Glover initially denied ownership of anything inside the vehicle. He later recanted that statement and admitted that the cocaine belonged to him.
Roller also denied ownership of anything inside the vehicle, stating she was helping Glover move, and that “a lot of his stuff” was inside the vehicle.
Glover was issued a citation for no valid driver’s license.
Both Glover and Roller were delivered to the Hernando County Detention Center and charged as follows:
William Xavier Glover DOB/01-22-1993
– Possession of Controlled Substance
– Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
– No Valid Driver’s License
– Bond – $4,000
William Xavier Glover
Ashley Marie Roller DOB/01-29-1994
– Possession of Controlled Substance
– Permitting Unauthorized Operator to Drive Motor Vehicle
– Possession of Paraphernalia
– Possession of Marijuana
– Bond – $5,000.
Ashley Marie Roller

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