Detention Deputy Arrested for Domestic Violence

Date: April 24, 2019

On 04-23-19 just after 4:30 p.m., Hernando County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a residence in Spring Hill regarding a Verbal Disturbance, domestic in nature. The address has been withheld as per FSS 119.071(4)(d)2.

Upon arrival, deputies met with the caller, an independent witness, who advised that husband and wife had been engaged in a heated verbal argument over domestic issues. At times during the argument the wife was observed pushing (battering) the husband.

It was also confirmed by two other persons in the home that the wife battered the husband during the verbal argument.

Deputies placed the wife (a Hernando County Sheriff’s Office Detention Deputy) under arrest for Domestic Battery. The name of the deputy has been withheld as per FSS 119.071(4)(d)2.

On 04-24-19, the Detention Deputy tendered her resignation, effective immediately.

The Office of Sheriff:
The Office of the Sheriff is established by the Florida Constitution. As a constitutional officer, the Sheriff has the exclusive authority to administer his or her agency and is responsible for preserving the peace throughout the entire county, carrying out the laws of the state, the orders of Florida courts, and the ordinances of the Board of County Commissioners. The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement and correctional officer of the county.
Sheriff Al Nienhuis was initially appointed as the Sheriff of Hernando County by the Governor in January of 2011. He was then elected by the people of Hernando County in 2012, and remains accountable to them.

Detention Deputy Arrested for Domestic Violence
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