Working together

What if solutions to pain management and optimum performance in daily living were easy to obtain from a source that genuinely cared about your health?

What if masterminds of nutrition, massage therapy, wellness treatments, physical training and therapies, and other proven body and mind disciplines combined their maximum resources and skill levels to develop a customized plan to fit your specific set of needs?
Working together
Roman Hill works with J.W. Mitchell Soccer defensive captain Toni Lowden at Team Restorative in Spring Hill. Kim Dame

Suppose you could have all of that under one umbrella. Would you try it?

That unique way of thinking is the foundation under Team Restorative, an all-inclusive, multi-tiered approach to better health. And it is available in Spring Hill.

With a focus on feeling better from the inside out, many options exist. But finding a complex program that caters to the individual from all aspects of health isn’t so common. Team Restorative is proving it works.

The facility, now in its fifth year, began as a home health contract company with in-home care. They branched into outpatient services and continued to broaden their scope of care to incorporate the whole body experience, adding more segments that piece together to provide a complete circle of care.

And it takes a dedicated team to reach that objective. Medical, physical, occupational and speech therapists, along with holistic massage therapists, nutritionists and personal trainers are all incorporated into each team member, providing the best solutions to real health issues.

It is called Team Restorative; Wellness, Performance, Care and Therapy. And it is conceivable for a client to begin their care at Restorative for one purpose and utilize all four.

“We work so well together,” said Jim Hallett, one of Team Restorative’s founders, along with fellow co-founders Bob Nye and Justin Spiegel, the company’s two head physical therapists.

A client might be working with any of the other team members, like Jose “Chelo” Alonso, a Restorative Performance certified personal trainer/physical trainer, or Jennifer Darby, the team’s nutrition specialist, or Damien Wolff, a holistic wellness coach and medical massage therapist or Roman Hill, Restorative’s orthopedic medical massage therapist or Bob Nye, medical massage therapist.

The key lies within this being a multi-faceted approach, where all aspects are considered from every angle with the same goal; to reach better health, relief from pain, higher achievements in sports related activities and building healthier, more vibrant lifestyles.

Louise McNish, of Spring Hill, has been working with Jennifer Darby on personal training and nutritional meal planning for about a year. “I originally went to lose weight,” said McNish, 73. A diabetic who was also recovering from surgery, McNish admitted she had allowed herself to become sedentary.

After working with Darby and finding a fitness plan that worked for her, she began noticing substantial improvements in her health. “I’m walking again and getting my mobility and independence back,” she said.

McNish was always health conscientious but felt she needed the motivation and encouragement from an individual trainer. She never liked the gym environment.

“Everyone can benefit from exercise,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old.”

Restorative is about building a healthier lifestyle. Medical massage, rehabilitation after an injury, weight loss, even enhanced physical performance strength training are all under the specialized scope of services.

Mike Rado can speak about the performance aspect of Restorative as it has applied to his son, 14-year-old Domenick. The Nature Coast Technical High School freshman loves baseball, has played in some capacity since he was 6 and aspires to attend college on a baseball scholarship.

Domenick started with personal performance enhancement training shortly after school started for the year. He was good before Restorative, Mike said. “But he’s even better now.”

Mike spoke of a defined strength, both physical and mental. Alonso has been working with Domenick twice a week to achieve his athletic goals.

“Performance is the training of the elite athlete in high school,” Alonso said. Clients like Domenick work with Alonso on a fitness regiment designed to enhance his physical and mental athletic ability. Athletes who come to him see themselves as victory achievers who want to take their performance to higher levels.

“With Restorative Performance, they have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skill,” Alonso said, “from two amazing physical trainers, two amazing physical therapists and two amazing massage therapists.”

Combining all those aspects along with proper nutrition, the client’s body learns how to stay calm.

And each segment of the process is scrutinized and dissected by each member on the team, which also helps identify areas of focus or improvement that might be missed otherwise.

But more than rehabilitation therapy, strength and performance training, medical massage and nutritional and holistic counseling, Team Restorative is the solution for the whole body.

“The people that we have here are what make it so good,” said co-owner Jim Hallett.

It is a team environment, with several elements working together. Without each dedicated link, the success rates wouldn’t be so impressive.

Team Restorative will be hosting a free seminar on Dec. 4 at 6:30 p.m. Stay Healthy Through the Holidays will pack several informative tips on stress management, fitness and nutrition during the holiday season.

Team Restorative is located at 4121 Mariner Blvd. Schedule a free consultation by calling (352) 340-5924.

Working together
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