What Should You Do If One of Your Loved Ones is Disabled ?

If one of your loved ones is disabled, you naturally want to make it easier for them to get around and perform their daily activities. Certain disabilities are more difficult to deal with than others. However, there are a wide range of products that are available to make the lives of disabled people more livable than they would have been many years ago. You should do some research and find out if there are any problems that your loved one is having. Then you can go online to see if there are any products that are designed to assist a disabled person who is having that problem. Here are a few examples of ways to make your disabled loved one’s life easier.

What Should You Do If One of Your Loved Ones is Disabled

1. Raised toilet seat

For many old people, even those who are not disabled, standing up can be a big challenge. Therefore, this can turn going to the toilet into a major ordeal. If your loved one has a problem standing up, you should buy him or her a raised toilet seat. This allows your loved one to sit on the toilet so that they are not so far down that they are not able to stand up when they are finished.

2. Reacher

Once again, this is a device that is helpful to all elderly people, not only the ones who suffer from a disability. A reacher is simply a pole that has a grip on one end. The other end has a clamp that will grab objects when the person squeezes the trigger on the grip. If there is an object on a high shelf that the person can’t reach, he or she can use the reacher to grab it. It can also be used to pick up things off the ground so the person does not need to bend over. This will prevent elderly people from straining their back. HME Medical Shop┬áhas a nice selection of reachers to choose from. They can be purchased by going to http://www.hmemedicalshop.com/.

3. Oxygen cylinder cart

If your disabled loved one needs to use an oxygen tank to help with a breathing disorder, he or she will need a cart to carry it around. The carts do not weigh a lot and will allow your loved one to still be active. Changing oxygen cylinders is very simple. There are carts made for specific types of cylinders, so make sure you buy the right one.

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